Watch this

Maybe make it more retro? How you think?


@mac owen Cheers voted, ill have a play around with some lettering


It was missing something before. Maybe this is it


I agree with mac owen. It feels like some sort of "wow" factor is missing from this design. What are you trying to convey through this design?

If you have time, feedback on my design would be appreciated: O Captain

Ru Chery

Nice work!! I do like the circle added to the design, but maybe you can make it a bit smaller so it doesnt take up most of the shirt? Also maybe you can add color to the text? Just a suggestion. Overall nice work!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "Hello Alien". I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. Thank you so much

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