The Machine Body

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Body parts made out of machine parts. 5 colors on light grey. rn

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nice idea! I hate critiques! If you want to improve your style you have just to submit and submit and submit designs! Submit this, and you will know what is wrong and what is right with this|


This is a cool twist on the usual "anatomy" t-shirts. I like the cute style of drawing vs. a more realistic style for this concept. Hope it goes far!


Thank you! Its nice when people leave comments rather than just giving a rating....


The concept behind this idea is really cool. I think it could be a little more pristine, though (if that makes any sort of sense). The lines feel a little too cartoony, almost to the point of sloppy. Hopefully that helps?

If you have time, feedback on my design would be appreciated: O Captain


I like the idea. I think it would be even cooler if the technology appeared more old school - steam and pistons. It might also help to accent the design with more line shading ... cross hatching or something might add a little more depth to the image. Good luck!!


This is a fantastic concept but there are a few things that need some changes. Everything is mechanical except the heart why is that? The other thing bothering me about the heart is how everything else is anatomically shaped and it is not. There are some cool ways to work with the anitomical heart to make it mechanical. I'd love to see where this goes.

If you have the time I'd love to know your opinion


made the colors more uniformed. Also added shading to it. Six colors on charcoal. Please give me nice ratings! :)


Awesome design! I like how the red stands out. Good luck!

Ru Chery

Awesome design! I love the way it looks on the tee. I also agree, the red defiantly adds a nice touch. Overall nice work!!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "strangers from the outside". I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. Thank you so much


nice design. when you see it on the shirt, it just fits.

hope you have time to check my design radioactive


nice concept! i think maybe the shadows need to be smoother. The shapes are circular and "soft" but the shadows are too rough. Good luck!


Thanks guys! I appreciate all comments!


I like the coloring on V2 much better, good job. But Mina is right, the shadowing could be different/better (at some point your flavor as an artist is more important then realism)

If you were interested in making changes to make it more anatomically correct, I would:

~put the blood (oil? ;) ) vessels connecting from bottom of the heart to the other organs to the top of the heart. -Granted then you might lose a bit of recognition of the heart shape... ~add an esophagus


some smoke would look cool. the angle of the colon makes the design look a little lopsided. its a cool idea, would be effective as it is (cartoony and stylised) or as something closer to realism


The colors are great as well as the shirt you put it on. Fantastic idea i think there are still a few finishing touches that could make really great. There are some spots where the fill doesn't completely reach the out line.

Great job.

My design is up for voting, if you have a minute to score it I would greatly appreciate it.


Awesome idea. I've always wanted to be a terminator.


Awesome idea. I've always wanted to be a terminator.


6 colors on charcoal. I got rid of the unintentional white spots.

Ru Chery

Same here i didn't even see the white spots. It's a good thing you spotted them before you submitted the design.Anyway like I said before on your previous version, I think this design is awesome. I think the concept is great as well as the colors used. I really can't think of any suggestions, but just be sure to get rid of that spec of white on the lung as unknownspeciesx pointed out. Overall great work! Keep me posted on when your design is up for scoring.

p.s thank you for scoring my design "strangers from the outside". I really appreciate it. my second design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "Hello Alien". I would really appreciate it. As always feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you want. Thank you so much


Thank you guys! I appreciate all your comments...(and your scores!) Hopefully I can submit soon! :)


Looks good, nothing but a suggestion but a brighter shade of grey on the print would give it a more metallic roboty feel. or maybe that's just me. Either way the idea and art is cool.


I would maybe make the light grey a tiny bit lighter so you can see what the art is from more than a couple feet away.


That's a good idea but I want to keep the cartoony kind of feel to it and if I changed it to a lighter hue I would need to apply a gradient to it which would defeat the simplicity of the colors. Thanks for your time.


I think the shading needs a little more work, but cool idea!


This version looks much cleaner. I'm glad you filled in those random white spots. I agree that the shading could use a little bit of help in spots, but I still absolutely love this idea. Just a few more refinements would make it awesome.


Hey, it look better, much better. did you consider to put some highlights? I think that's what's missing.


Version 3 looking good. I agree with others just minor adjustments, perhaps give the highlights idea a go.



Looks much cleaner, glad you took care of those white spots. I also like the shading. Maybe play with the t-shirt color to give the design more emphasis.


Yep but few white spots is still seen!!

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