Poo Factory

  • by BensonAMF
  • posted Oct 02, 2012

Watch this

Looking to make this a stronger design for the gap kids challenge. Any feedback will help. Be harsh, I can take it. Thanks


Pretty cool idea. The building could have more depth, it looks like it's only one wall, so you can probably just extend the right side to make it look like it has depth. Also the top floor should have the same perspective as the lower floor.

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I feel like you will get both comments: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you put your baby in that." And, "!!!! That is amaaazing!!!"

I think it's a good balance of humor. The smoke looks a little choppy.. and the design is laying a little flat. Don't do drop shadows, but maybe some added lines? Just a touch more detail..

This might be too much, but what if you made the entire design more realistic anatomical colors?

Best of luck, I hope this gets printed.. If I hada baby to make wear this, I would.

If you have a moment, I'd so appreciate your vote. Thank you! Eat, drink, and be merry...


Thanks guys. I'll definitely go back and add some depth. Thanks


Ok, I added some depth and a little shadow. Also went and smoothed out the clouds. Included a little more of the digestive system and changed a few colors. You guys were right about the depth. It looks waaaaaay better now. thanks and hope you like this version better


Wow, this looks way better!

You could add some shading, but it doesn't seem overly important for this, it looks like a cartoon style so might be ok as it is.

One thing I just thought of could be a full capacity indicator with a warning light. Like "Warning, evacuation imminent!" It might be hard to fit in though.

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Ru Chery

haha great concept! lol maybe you can have the smoke more puffy and add some shadows to the design? just a suggestion. overall nice work!!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.



That is such a great idea, I like it a lot!


I really like this, when I saw the title I wasn't sure what to expect. But the bright colours allayed any fears I had. I like the idea of adding the #2 sign. Absolutely adorable.

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Space Wizard

If anything you could add some shading and detail, but it's pretty good as it is. Clever idea.

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Hahaha what a funny idea! I'm just imagining a little kid running around with this shirt... I think you're almost good to go, just make some adjustments like adding some shades and lightening up the colors, and then submit!

p.s. if you have time, feel free to comment on my design and let me know what you think of my latest version. I would really appreciate it. Cereal Killer


This is awesome, I'd definitely buy this for my imaginary kid.... Very cool!


Thanks everyone. I'll get back and make a few more changes. Hopefully have the new version up soon


Here's the newest version. Added more shading all around and also added the #2 gag which I thought was a good idea.


No I didn't submit yet. I thought it still needed some work. But thanks. And I'm liking the way your woman in the rain is looking. That is a shirt that I would definitely wear. Good luck with it


man this makes so much sense..submit!:)

I have a design up for scoring, I'd really appreciate it if you could score and comment on it.Thanks!:) Alien


As much as the um, "exit" funnel on the botton makes sense, where it is doesn't... It would be great if they would allow an "exit" design on the back of the onesie! (but I've never seen them make exceptions) :/


But yes! When you're ready, DEFINITELY submit! :) I love the design!


I still think that you should submit it as is because I can't think of anything to really change- other then try to work in a "food entry" port for the factory, but I can't think of a way to do that without getting really crazy or "crashing" the design.

I got a design approved for scoring on the new site- what do you think? http://beta.threadless.com/threadless/verdict-of-you-fingerprint/


This is amazing. I just think you could use some more vibrant colors since it's a kid's design.

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love this concept. but hate the illustration style. looks like very "shitty" clip art, pun intended.. maybe too many different colors. don't summit. look at other art on this website. Concept rocks, and has a real chance of printing.



Loved it, its original, plus the concept is awesome and its colorful which is suitable for baby clothings. But you need to work on the smoke coming out, make it more effort....Other than that, I love it especially the cleanness


I think it's great.

For some reason it's reminding me of The Simpsons, which isn't a criticism it's just an observation.

I say submit if you haven't already.

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