Someone needs to give gamejunkie a pat on the back....

Now I may be mistaken, but I think gamejunkie has more shirts than anyone I have seen, 451! Wow!

.... just... wow! That is amazing. I don't think I have owned that many shirts in my life. I think I have 9 threadless shirts (wish more, damn bills). Thinking about that many just blows my mind...

Watch this

that's like... 5000 dollars

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

more liek 6 or 7 k


yeah... and I have to balance my checkbook before I can buy on sale... pity me, lol


As of this posting she's submitted 552 gallery photos. I hadn't even realized that Threadless had printed that many different designs...


Threadless is getting CLOSE to 800 designs.


She has 668 now...

How anyone can spend (approx) $100 a week here is both awesome and horrifying.


Gamejunkie gets a lot of STP's though, that is where she gets all those shirt from.

We basically give them to her.


That or she is incredibly rich.

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