• by Spectyr
  • posted Oct 02, 2012

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Made using Twisted Brush. The actual design just kind of popped into my head while talking to a friend about her newly discovered Bee allergy.


Hey man, this shit is dope. Keep it up.


this is cool, maybe but some a little background or a little tweaking with the border, or other shirt colors

hope you have time to check my design radioactive


thats for the feedback and ill check yurs out


thanks! ill score your stuff


What would you guys think of silhouettes of more bees in the background. Various sizes to give the impression of some being closer and others farther away? the general idea being a whole swarm of these nasty things


maybe try a pink shirt with swollen bumps everywhere? emphasize the need for the injection.


Centered on the chest of a shirt. I added more bees so now its a swarm.


I like that you added the black silhouettes of the bee in the background; it filled some of that negative space and makes the design a bit more cohesive! Good job man, and keep drawing!


thanks man


Maybe just one silhouette would be better, right now it looks like you just copy-pasted them and that's a bit boring. You could try some variations in the silhouette designs if you want to use so many of them. Also try other colours aside from black for the silhouette, it might work better with something like dark blue maybe. Just some tips, good luck.


good point. i might go back and make each one in the background a lil different from each other


I think that's a very good idea! I would also maybe add a little more texture to the wings, so that you don't have just the one gray line in the middle more like this

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I like the idea a lot. But it needs more meaning for me to want to buy it.

I would add a hive or show where all the bees are going- something on the left must be interesting because they are all going there but I don't know what it is...

Also, Doctors are considering using honey bee venom as an anesthetic- http://www.latimes.com/news/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-honeybee-bite-20121030,0,539314.story?track=rss ~This could be another interesting direction to take this shirt idea.

I got a design approved for scoring on the new site- what do you think? http://beta.threadless.com/threadless/verdict-of-you-fingerprint/


Made each of the lil bees unique and changed the style of the wings.


I like the idea! The lines look a bit harsh to me, maybe try rounding them a little? Especially the outlines of the black bees... overall great work, good luck with this design.


yeah i was thinking of putting it through inkscape for a smooth vector art look


Great idea. My suggestion is a background with more contrast like red maybe.

I'd appreciate your vote on my design : Anatomusic


I got to say I think the curly-ques on the wing really detract from the design- those lines should be straight...


go and google "bee wings". there are all sorts of shapes

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