• by poylie
  • posted Oct 02, 2012

Watch this

What do you think guys?


This is great. Only thing I'd say is maybe a colour to bring out the text.


I like the concept but there is somthing about the splat I'm not fond of. maybe if the text was the radioactive green without the splat or maybe just a different shape. Or possibly the text with some radioactive barrels in the foreground. of course this is all suggestion. I'd love to see how this progresses.

If you have the time I'd love to know what you think Chimera


thanks for your comments guys, will work on it




Hello, I love the concept. Maybe the earlier suggestion about bringing out the text is all it needs. Hope you will try that!


i added some more details, and another color of the shirt, what you think guys?



Ru Chery

Very cool poylie. Nice work!! I are you going to have the design transparent to the color of the tee? I think that will be cool. Overall nice work my friend.

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Ru Chery

keep me posted on your later versions or when your design is up for scoring.


Poylie, this design has a fun concept. The thing that is throwing me off, though, is a lack of depth. The barrels, for instance, seem to just be floating on top of the splatter rather than interacting with the objects around them.


yep it will be transparent, you can check V2. already voted for you mate.

Ru Chery

thank you friend. I really appreciate it.


Also, I think the first version of the design is a bit stronger. I'm not entirely sure why you decided to add the barrels.


thanks for your critique. so would it be better if i added some shadow on top of the splatter near the barrels?


this is tops!


This would look awesome on a black shirt!


i was loving it in black ! :) white is good too, just make that spill a little smoother then...


Make the radioactivness glow in the dark? Just and idea... PS. Thanks for looking/rating my critique.


guys, please check my version 2, because it's on a black shirt. cant decide which one.


You are left with an odd space next to MY. How about get rid of the barrels to simplify the design? and that way you can play more with the text in the splatter and make it bigger.

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I really like the idea, but i agree with rollerpimp, maybe without the barrels? It would look good on a black shirt in my opinion.

If you can find the time, would you score my design?


Much better than your original. Keep the great work up!


i decided to take out the barrels, a lot of the comments were really helpful. what do you think of it now?


I would use version 2 without "toxic" on the barrels and put the design on a more central position on the t-shirt... but this one also looks good!

p.s. If you have time, feel free to have a look at my design and comment it, I would really appreciate it ^^


I like V3 better..maybe put a character or something..:)

please please please vote and comment on my design!Thank you:) THE HILL

Ru Chery

Nice work poylie!! I really like how your design looks on the black tee and i think it looks good without the barrels. The only suggestion I have is perhaps make the text a bit bigger. Not too big just a bit, that way people can read it from a distance. Also maybe you can have a model wearing your design in the next version? i would love to see what it would look like. Overall nice work my friend. Are you going to make this design glow in the dark as well? Keep me posted on your later versions or when your design is up for scoring. Again great work my friend.

p.s thank you for taking the time to score my designs before, i really appreciate it. I have a new design up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. As always feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.


thanks for your comments, already voted and comment


thanks for all your comment, i'm already stuck with no more ideas, gonna submit this and try, thanks for all your effort to help me, hope you help me score this design

Ru Chery

Best of luck poylie. I look forward to scoring your design. Again great work and thanks again for taking the time to score and comment mine. I really appreciate it.


I like it with or without the barrels. Without I'm missing the added zing of the yellow area, but maybe that's just me.

The idea is super (no pun) but at first glance I don't get the "job wanted" idea. Maybe a paintbrush on the ground by the spill? Again maybe it's just me.

Very original. Thanks for asking me to comment.


haha its been declined. oh well.

Space Wizard

I think the versions with the barrels are better. For the green splatters, rather than using a drop shadow, try a bevel or something to make it look like it has thickness.

Also I think the text is very busy, so if you can think of a simpler sentence with a similar meaning, that might help.

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I like the version with the barrels on the charcoal background without the grey shadows. You've definitly come a long way since the original design. I stil really like this concept don't give up on it.

If get the chance please vote

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