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Jack Mostro

Plug-it before to do something.rn4 colors.


Hahaha! Nice!

I would remove the filigree and the brown circle. The brain needs a little tweak also (like making tubes equal in thickness).

I'd go really simple with this. Again, nice idea.


looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its a simple and nice idea! I would to remove the filigree, maybe keep the circle, but definitely get rid of the arrow

good luck!


Hi mate, thanks for your critique.

I think the text should say "before doing something"

the concept really makes's clever.:)


Very nice idea indeed. :)


I think you could work a bit to make your design elements meld a bit better.. and I'd be interested in seeing some variations in the color palette. Maybe blue instead of brown.. to set off the yellow?

Keep up the good work, and best of luck!

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This is clever. The 3-prongs catch my eye and then bring me in to think... Way to go!


I like the second version a lot more! Its a really cool design..

Maybe play around with the words a little more though? Just try different ideas until it fits. . . The font is good though


this is cool ,good idea , may be u need to play with shading the brain and hear will look more perfect with that just finish it i would like to the final touch !!! love this artwork ...


this is cool ,good idea , may be u need to play with shading the brain and heart, will look more perfect with that, just finish it i would like to see the final touch !!! i love this artwork ...


This one is better!..and try using the threadless shirt template so that we can really visualize how it would look on a shirt!

The concept is great!

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yex yex

yes this version is better. I like idea and design!


Maybe "plug it in" is better than just "plug it", and also "before doing something" is a bit unnecessary.

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Love the colour way of this one!

Jack Mostro

Right. I have to fix something... Thank you at all!


version 2 is better when it comes to color nice one!

Jack Mostro

I have fix the phrases, the prongs and the colour tee. What you think, guys?


i like the concept but i agree with messthem.. needs something with the words

chipper and dandy

I think the illustration is great! It's simple and you understand it straight away.

The only thing I think needs a bit of work is the phrase, as your design is simple I think your giving people too much of an exlanation, I'm not sure you even need to say 'before doing something' as your visually giving an explanation...Hope that makes sense :-)


I think the graphic is good as is but I can't help but see the power outlet as a face with its current position on the heart and that, for me, detracts from the shirt.

Why "Plug-it" instead of "Plug it" ?

Is the meaning of this shirt that you need to think with your heart? If so, you should change the phrase to better reflect that.

If you change nothing else, change the word "something," it is way too ambiguous to add any meaning to your shirt.


haha nice concept, i like it. needs a little more tweaking though.

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how about just the brain and the plug? I think to much is going on. Also just say, "Plug it in."

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Jack Mostro

I have uploaded 2 version, 4th and 5th. Wich is the best?


Looks much better. I really like V5. Keep up the good work!


still don't think you need the outlet but v5 is better.


Maybe you should get rid of that word's somehow disturbing the all though of your design!!!!

Jack Mostro

Hi guys, here the last version. What you think?


its really fun to see the versions just getting better and better:]


Awesome, I think you can submit it now!! In this case, the simpler the better :)


Just thought of something though, why is the electrical plug in 3D but the brain in 2D?


nice design, and scrolling through the versions I think you are coming closer to the end of the work :). I would just strenghten the lines on the plug, but that's just me.

Space Wizard

Getting much better with every version. I think it's ready!

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Ru Chery

nice work!! this design definitely came a long way. best of luck to you and your design. keep me posted on when your design is up for voting.

p.s I have a new design up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. As always feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.

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