Lucy in the Sky: Select Threadless Hooded Tunic

Lucy in the Sky: Select Threadless Hooded Tunic

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Ok, the design is nice enough I guess but why on earth the price?!! I thought it was a misprint when I saw it.


medium are sold out... can you reprint ?


It was me. I bought this at $89.50 on November 1st. It's $36.55 less, a little more than two weeks later. I'm a sucker. I should have just waited. Thanks Threadless.


What is up with threadless!! 2 days ago this hoodie was on sale for $43, when I tried to purchase it the site wouldn't let me although they had a huge amount in stock. I emailed them same day no one got back to me, now the price is jacked up again. I often shop here and I am deeply disapointed not only at the new ridiculous prices but the lack of customer service.


I really like the simple design on this. I don't really understand how Threadless could charge $89.50, though. It barely seems worth the sale price (and I'll be returning mine). The elastic on the back isn't covered by fabric on the inside of the tunic, so you have elastic rubbing up right against your skin. The elastic also didn't provide a "fitted" shape for really seemed to serve no purpose. Sans-elastic, I might consider keeping it.

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