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  • posted Sep 26, 2012

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yex yex

Let yourself be the color of your city

Wore Vms

I like the idea, but would like much better if u work more the girl, to make it more realistic... maybe you could make the city contour smaller to add more buildings and make it look bigger...

I dont like the cloud effect on trees, maybe adding black cloud contour over the city would look better?

Its a nice idea, but I think you should take some more time to work it better!


I like the artwork and mood. It'd be cool if you played with the title a bit more. For example, the girl could be soaking wet from the rain... "saturated" hehe, get it?

yex yex

good suggestion,I'll try


I agree, I think the girl needs to me more realistic. I'm assuming the saturation you're referring to is related to color right? If that's the case, I don't know if you need to add rain. I think that just deviates from your original idea.


Personally i like her looking a little bit unrealistic, it adds to the effect of your image. I would make the moon stand out a little bit more, not to pull eyes away from the city or girl but just to accent other parts of the shirt.


I agree about the moon, let the people see it better! And about girl, leave here like this, she looks pretty awesome!

Please rate?

yex yex

new version


There is something in the proportions that seems to be off in the image. I think, in particular, the girl's legs look as though they appear from beneath her skirt. In other words, there is no real sense of depth to your image.

Ru Chery

spooky! I could see that you made a lot of changes in this version. It looks great. Maybe you could add dark clouds by the moon? Just a suggestion. Overall nice work!!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "strangers from the outside". I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. Thank you so much



nice color choice, nice concept, do something which would make it more appealing

yex yex

I planned to insert the text into the design, this was the original idea, but I was not sure. I will submit a new version

yex yex

new version with graffiti


Doesn't need the text. Maybe a more realistic moon would add the finishing touch.

Ru Chery

I think the graffiti text adds a nice touch to the design, but maybe you can make it a different color or make the blue a shade darker? Something like the blue you did on the sleeve of the girl's shirt that way it complements the other colors in the design. The bright blue kind of throws it off for me. Just a suggestion hope it helps. Again nice work.

p.s thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and score my design. I really appreciate it.


I get vibes of halloween and Xmas from this shirt, I would suggest changing the color of the girls pants and boots.


Hmm maybe make quote more graffiti style?!

yex yex

graffiti changed


mm the text is not very clear...I prefer version3!


In my opinion the outline on the graffiti doesn't work. Makes it nearly unreadable. The clouds should flow behind the trees and in front of the city still. And the girl looks to be done in sections. no part of her seems to be a part of the whole body.

If you have a chance please give me a critique http://www.threadless.com/critique/109257/Poo_Factory


I think that the fog needs some work, i agree with everything bensonamf said. I would also add that her torso needs to flow more with the style of the rest of the girl.

and i hate to have to ask, BUT, how do you post submission to the critique section? i'm new and still trying to figure threadless out. any help would be SUPER appreciated. I'm tired of my work being denied in the contests :P


Hi yex, your concept is actually great but I think you need to experiment more on the colors and style of the illo..love to see the next version. Good luck

I have a design up for scoring, I'd really appreciate it if you could score and comment on it.Thanks!:) Alien


Great idea. I'd suggest you lose the details of your character and just leave a silhouette with a neutral color so the color focus will be on the graffiti. I think you could also try out some other graffiti fonts and see how it turns out.

I'd appreciate your vote on my design : Anatomusic

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