Things that Threadless should make designs for

With all of these awesome new things that designs are getting printed on here besides shirts, I felt it was a nice idea to just start a running list of other things that could be cool to try to make a design for. Feel free to post your ideas for things here, I'll add them to the list (however weird they might be).

Who knows? Maybe some might get picked for a loves challenge!

Things threadless designs would look awesome on:

-> Wall Clocks

-> Mouse pads

-> Trapper Keeper-like folders

-> Temporary Back Tattoos

-> Roof shingles

-> Car Hoods

-> Hammer pants

-> Socks-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> Knit Hats-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> Toaster Cozies

-> Coffin Liners

-> Urinal Cakes

-> Grill Covers

-> spacesick's butt

-> Steering wheel covers

-> Band-aids

-> Tissue boxes

-> Ties---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> Stamps

-> Those stickers you get when you visit the dentist

-> Underwear

-> Handkerchief or pocket squares

-> Bras

-> long-sleeved onesies or tees for babies------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> Ass Savers

-> tramp stamp

-> walkers

-> canes

-> hearing aids

-> life alert systems

-> denture creams

-> depends

-> Hoverounds

-> skate decks

-> shoes

-> pants-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> vinyl toys (of classic Threadless designs)

-> Political Billboards

-> Time/Life Commemorative Plates

-> Condoms

-> hoola hoops

-> swim shorts---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> SUCCESS!

-> flipflops

-> Basketballs

-> toilet paper

-> Pyjamas

-> boxer shorts

-> trucker caps

-> Converse and Vans trainers

-> sunglasses

-> bikes


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bumping this for all of the noteworthy things that threadless should do a challenge for



DUDE. Steering wheel covers, bumper stickers, air fresheners, etc. Car things in general.


Toilet paper


skateboard decks....That's actualy a really good idea...


Also does this count as pyjamas? And also tell me if anything else on the list made it, did knit hats make it? I feel like it did

QuietCity profile pic Alumni
Morkki said:

There really should be vinyl toys of classic Threadless designs, I'd buy those so hard

YES that would be so awesome!


i knew there was a hat around here, thanks Mantichore.

also bikes added!


Got bored and looked through my old threads.

I have no idea why my first post in months is on here, but dammit it's gonna happen.

so hey guys, anything magical happen since I disappeared?

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