A Darker Side

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(Toy Story Design Contest)rnrnI was thinking of doing something Toy Story related when I thought of Lots-o-Huggin Bear. I noticed how dark he was compared to many Disney villains, and decided to see how it would be like to show a lighter and darker side of him with simplicity. Any feedback would be welcome. :)


Actually the lines are from the shirt that's provided. And I'll try to mess with more of the lining and such. Thanks for the comment though. :)


Alright, tried to see how it would look like if it was symmetrical.


Interesting, I do like the second version better but not because of the symetry, the way you used the shadows was better particularly with the eyebrow.

Chimera Catch the Wind


Alright, made the face a bit less longer and fixed the eyes.


very well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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