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What do you guys think about this stuff? The chinese says something along the lines of "Transformation of the future" The rabbits and the text are a variation of a linocut I finished today.


Thanks for your advice. I also rated your design.


Thanks Wore Vms. I rated your design and left you a comment on your critique.


I think it looks great, maybe if you had "transformation of the future" printed continuously around the outer circle? Just an idea, not sure how much it could add to it.


might need a little more detail:)

please check out my design!cheers Cosmic Hero


submit this PLEASE ! its very good the way it is...

Wore Vms

Thanks for comments on my design dude, they where a good help! If u want, check the last version, i think its almost done, if there is nomistakes left...

Good luck!


Nice work. The think is that people would not undestand what's on the text. Try to write it somewhere in english... Mabye under the other one? and I would make the circle with the rabbits a little bit smaller :)

Woud you help me scoring mine?


Added english text and changed color scheme a bit. Let me know what you think and keep the advice coming!

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heh, cool bunny shapes :) Ok, a few things off the top of my head - first, white tees tend to do poorly, don't ask me why because I love them but they do. Second, the circles you've got there are way too digital/ perfect, I'd either loosen them up a little or ideally replace them with something more fluid. I dig the bunnies. I'm not sure about the text, English or Chinese (I'm guessing that's Chinese?).

I'd be tempted to replace the circles with milky way - type starry swirls in the background, and I'd put the thing on a darker tee, maybe asphalt, so the black bunnies are being backlit by some nice galaxy colors. Sure it's hokey but it will do a hell of a lot better than the plain white background. Play around with some spacey purples, pinks and blues maybe, possibly a hint of orange or something wild in there.


Thanks, for the tip. I will definitely try some of that out.


Taking advice on the sort of galaxy thing and running with a constellation motif. Opinions?


I already feel like this one is not as good. Lol.


A combination of V1 and V4. I like this one a lot better.


I like this alot more than the earlier versions. You might want to straighten the triangle of rabbits so its sitting straight. I might be the only one it bothers though ha. Though I'm not totally sure what the purpose is, I think the design is overall good.


Changed the colors up a little bit more. I know the characters cannot be understood, nor the overall meaning. Many of the shirts printed on threadless do not have clear meanings however so I do not feel this is imperative to the overall design. It's just supposed to cool. That's all.


Also, does anyone know if the gradients in the background would be difficult to print?

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I really liked the one where they were constellations. That one could be cool to work on further. This flat dark red is killing me, if you wanna keep it at least distress it or something, it's way too stark against the nuanced background.

Don't use gradients, do either a halftone or mix colors in with soft brushes but keep them on separate layers in PS. I mean gradients are printable, but best avoided I'd say.


I think my favourite is the first version with the red and black rabbits, it contrasts really nicely with the shirt colour. Also maybe think about losing the larger outer circle, the line weight is too thick and isn't really integrated that well with the rabbit design. The text could also stand to be a bit smaller, at the moment, it's a bit too in-your-face, and I think the rabbits are the real heroes of this piece.

Thanks for your feedback on my design, really appreciated! I look forward to seeing where you go with this.


I agree with to_doh, the first version is my favorite. But in my opinion the chinese letters and circles are dispensable. The rabbit symbol is cool enough. The three rabbits without the circles and without other elements would look like a kind of celtic rune. In that pure version the attention would be only of the symbol. =)


Had to take a break from this design for a while. Here is version 6. I toned down the tex and the circles, putting more emphasis on the rabbits, but still adding a sort of "background noise" if you will. It's Black and White on a Silver tee. Thanks for all your suggestions so far. Keep them coming!


I personally like the more simple tee. It's more appropriate if you're pushing for an Asian inspired design.

The rabbits in that "triskelion" formation already has a sense of circular movement, so I'm not sure if you even need all of your white lines.. Now, that is naturally my interpretation. =)

What is not clear for me, is the overall meaning you're trying to express..

If you have do the time, I'd truly appreciate a vote! Thank and best of luck! Eat, drink, and be merry... Tyrannosaurus Chaturanga


Thanks for the advice guys. I've kind of taken a break from this design but I may go back to it soon.

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