What am I doing wrong - Design quality and resolution

Hello :) all

I notice that some of the design submissions just 'look' sharper, cleaner and seem to have great resolution in general.

What is the ideal design resolution/size that needs to be made ( this is incase the design gets selected for printing then, what are the quality and dimension aspects? ).

How do you all end up with such sharp looking images in the low resolution images allowed in the submission kits.

P.S: I am currently working with Inkscape and then finishing using Photoshop elements (basically, to transfer the design to the final product)

Any help and inputs on this are highly appreciated :).



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mike bautista
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300dpi is the way to go I think.

I'm starting to work more in 600, though. those two are standard (I think) with illustrations and designs around this size.

Chaitanya Reddy

Thanks Mike, I will try working with the specification you suggest (sorry for the delayed response)

Would appreciate any more pointers on ensuring a clear and sharp image.

Thanks all !!

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lets say 4000 x 6000 px, 300dpi. But if you scan line work, then i prefer to scan 600 dpi minimum, but 1200 is best


I have the same problem, I thought I have to summit a design in 450x600px more or less so the drawing is worst, so i can summit a design with 4000x600px? it's that correct? Thanks!


While you want to create at a higher resolution, that not what you're talking about, correct? It's the submission files.

How are you saving your files after you have them together? They should be 72 dpi - then the files at the best quality/compression under 250kb.


So for example, I have an illustration of 2551 x 3508px, once I finish can I summit without changing the size? I don't understand nothing about pixels and all that stuff so any help is so useful. Thanks!



Well you can create your design at a very large dimension and then scale it down to fit the required submission size I would imagine. It is better to work larger and scale down than start small and scale up. Altho with vectors scalability is not really an issue. But yeah make sure its atleast 300 DPI


Thank you very much, I'm trying that but I think that I'm doing wrong because then the image looks like pixelated, It's that normal? And also, how can I make an illustration in illustrator and save as JPG preserving the layers?


Olatzu - your image shouldn't look pixelated at 100% unless you made it that way.

You can't save layers in a JPG. Save it as an illustrator file.

Petra Potpourri

conclusion - you generally have to types of files: - working file in psd, tiff, or ai - format allowing layers with 300-600dpi - presentation files in 72-150 dpi in flatened jpg-format

i hope that makes it clear for all who are wondering.


Thank you all very much, It has been very helpful. It's too difficult for me all this stuff and also the english is not my first language. So thanks again!!!!

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There seems to be a general confusion about a submission and the design file. These should be two SEPARATE files. Your design file should be at least 300 dpi and the actual size it would be printed, or even a tad larger. After you finish making this large design (which you will need if your submission is selected to print) - then you make a smaller presentation file (the one you submit) - that is just to show people what your design looks like.

You should not be planning on using the submission file as your final print file.

Hope that helps!

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