Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever

  • by mainial
  • posted Sep 20, 2012

Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever

Watch this

I knew it was from another MARINE. SEMPER FI.


Such a powerful image.


Am I the only one being shocked by Humvees driving in puddles of blood to guard the "Land of Freedom" ? I respect the army, but I think there are better images to show their achievements, aren't there ?


Hypolite, this design has nothing to do with the "army's" achievements. First off this shirt was designed by a Marine. You'd know that if you read the background story about the shirt. second, the humvees aren't driving in pools of blood. Those are ied blast holes and the blood resembles the blood shed by our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. I've had several people that have actually fought in the middle east that this shirt portrays their exact feelings of what it's like over there and have thanked me for putting it on a shirt. Next time you post consider understanding the art before you try to criticize


@Hypolite : I don't understand either. This design is obscure and incomprehensible to most people. I just hope this nice website will not become another "USA patriot" tee seller. I'm a French customer and I don't want to see that. This website previous slogan was "no nude no more". Then we see stupid iphone case, and now this ! What's next ? Obama Tee ?


@ CWiersUSMC : if a design has to be explained, it's a fail. Only lossy modern art have to be "explained". Better try next time. Anyway, if some confused military person can feel better drawing wearing this T, I'm happy for him, just as human empathy. Art is a good therapy.


Who are we to criticize? It's his portrayal, he was the one that was there. If you are confused or upset by it than don't buy it. We have freedom of choice, THAT'S what he fought for. I'm buying 3! =;0)


@Stankh..."Confused military person" ---are you high? Your comment wreaks of condescension on a subject of which you clearly have no grasp. @CWiersUSMC---thank you for this design. It IS very disturbing to see, but I appreciate that it's not a bald eagle flying over the Marine Corps Seal or something...this is a design that addresses a certain reality of serving - there will be blood, there will be loss, but there is an unparalleled honour and dedication in it - the side most people want to gloss over.


i get the feeling people are not very good at seeing subtext in the design... its okay people are stupid. good design. Semper FI


This is so touching and sad. So many lost lives.

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