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It's just genetics!

  • by Johnathy
  • posted Sep 19, 2012

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Hey guys, I'd love some feedback on this design. The basic concept is Rhino Dad plus Horse Mum equals Unicorn Baby.rnrnAnd are there any threadless rules regarding using photographs that aren't mine?


Haha! I don't know what the rules are, did you photoshop this from multiple photo's? If it get's made, I am buying it!!


Thanks man. Yeah, I'll have to look into it further. Maybe I'll email Threadless.

How do people feel about placement?

Does the concept come across clearly?

Does it need anything extra (e.g. background)?



Thanks RoboPato! Yeah, I combined a couple of photos, then added in the heads (obviously) and the horn. Thanks for the encouragement :)


Haha! I like it. How do I feel about placement? I think the whole thing could be raised a tad. It's just that the woman/horse's dress it cut off alot, but that's really a minor thing. Other than that, I cant think of anything else.....have you tried it with different colors? I really dont know if it would look good with a different color, but its just something to think about. And about the copyright rules....if I had to guess, I'd say you're ok. But dont take my word for it, haha! But great concept, I got it right away. :)

And if you could score and comment on my design :)

This is pretty sweet! You should go ahead and submit it! I love the messy water colors on the Colosseum.

And if you could please score and comment on my design :)


Oops...sorry, that comment about the "messy water colors" was for another design that I didnt realize I copied....haha. But I would still like you to score my design :P


Sorry! One more thing! You could make the unicorn's horn a little bigger so it's a little more obvious that it's a unicorn.....Ok I'm done.


Ha this is pretty funny man. Solid concept, but yea i'm with Brooke the unicorn's horn could be a little bigger.


Thanks everyone. I'll have a play around with it and upload another one the other side of the weekend. I'm thinking I might try a sienna sort of look too...


By which I mean sepia... haha.


Ok, so I made the unicorn horn slightly bigger, and made the placement a bit smaller so the whole design fits on the shirt. I also made it sepia-coloured on a creme shirt, which I think looks pretty delicious.



And can anyone come up with a better title for me? Other ideas I had, include "Horsenoceros", "Unocerhorse" and "Unicorn: Origins".

BestDinosaur profile pic Alumni

How about "Dominant Traits"


Wow! The idea and the design are really cool! I like the sepia tone, because the dresses look antique and the color emphasizes that. The heads fit very good with the human bodies! Good collage! I will vote for it!

My ideas for the title are

  • "It's a boy!" - because of the horn (I know the child wears a girl dress, but in this age babies wear the same clothes)

  • "Lovely blemish"

  • "Patchwork family" -"The royals Unocerhorses"

Wow, I want to wear it now! I really love it! Title Ideas:

"Her mother´s eyes" "Geneticorn" (ok, that´s very cheesy)

I like BestDinosaur´s "dominant traits" too

please take a minute to critique mine!  The Heart Heals Itself


No changes needed ;)


Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think Dominant Traits is in the lead at the moment. Unless anyone has any final suggestions I might just go ahead and submit :)

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