Three Wise Hipster Monkeys - up for scoring!

I was about to submit this to the regular comp, then I noticed theres a new gap kids competition. I changed the original to lose the beer cans. Does this work as a kids tee... or better off keeping the beer and submitting to the regular competition?

UPDATE: Hipster monkeys is now up for scoring. Be a pal and give it a vote!



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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

ben!! :D

i say yes!

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

thanks dudes. BTW in case it doesnt make sense... its a play off see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. But its with hipster monkeys. Makes a ton of sense.


Depends how old. Do little kids know about the concept of three wise monkeys, or hipsters? I doubt it. 10 year olds might. . . A nice design anyway. Wouldn't adults wear it?


I really like it! think it works for 6 -10 year olds , even if they don't know the concept. it's adorable, I say for kids!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

yeah,. this works for sure


hmmm... I like it better for teens/adults, I think

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

I thought the design was "cute" enough to work as a kids tee. Probably has little chance to win that comp, maybe threadless will like it as a regular print.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Hey man, I realized later that my comment on this design might sound like i was poo-pooing your design, didn't mean to was just speaking matter of factly.

But yes, I think you should resubmit this one if it doesn't print on KIDS with the beer cans.

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

No way Jose. I got where u were coming from. Didn't think u were being negative at all. It's borderline as a kids tee... I thought cute monkeys disguised as hipsters could be a concept parents might appreciate.

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