New design - "The Hunt"!

Hello all, just wanted to share a new design of mine called, "The Hunt". I was browsing through pictures of foxes on tumblr and I was immediately inspired by this fox that was staring straight ahead, barely visible through the snow. I really hope you like it!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Really beautiful! Love the snow and fur detail.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

really great work. prob your next print

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

this is printing. It works so perfectly on the sweater. I'd love that sweater. It would be like my favorite sweater ever.


Ooh I like. I think the black is a little overpowering though since the rest is sort of half-sketched lines. I could see this sort of thing on a Select shirt.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

what, this isn't printed yet? they're getting slow :)

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