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Is it possible to be skipped in the submissions?

Looking at the numbers of the approved submissions it seems mine have been left behind?

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jeffreyg profile pic Staff

because bats ended today, all the bats submissions get priority

Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Alumni

oh yeah, makes sense. thanks!

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I think a bunch of designs did get skipped over by non-contest designs in all the confusion. I'm sure it will all be sorted out soon.


I may have contributed to that =/ I submitted my bat design last Friday and it went up at the end of the day on Tuesday. I thought the same exact thing you did

Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Alumni

whatttttttttt Lots of lives just went up, on a saturday???


Happens. Even on sundays sometimes, and I bet that happens tomorrow! Poor Dan must be drowning in creeper waters ;_;


^ haha crossposting!

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