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Such a great time-waster. Once you register for the site, you can play our huge amount of flash games and your scores are recorded to the leaderboard automatically, and maybe you will be the champ! We also have a forum that you can post on.

Also, you can become a critic and review your favorite CDs and they will be automatically added to the site. We have over 50 CD reviews and we want to have reviews spanning many genres. Also, you can write an interesting article and have that added to the site.

If you're interested, you can be a moderator to approve articles and CD reviews and watch over the forum. Simply register, be active, and tell me you're interested.

Thanks for your time guys, sorry for the plug :(

Watch this

what does the tee shirt your wearing say, and what is on it?


omg that nintendo controler thing is crazy


It says 'The Postal Service', and there is a guy laying there and there are little birdies all around him.


Now we have even more games!

And over 60 CD reviews! Wow!

theperk profile pic Alumni

did you ever print your shirt?


Oh, it's you! The guy with that amazing design... the one Threadless needs to print. You know the one.


I saw some of your designs and liked them. I work at Fueled By Ramen Records, home to some of the hottest bands in the country right now (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is, Gym Class Heroes, and many others). We are looking for artists to make some merch designs for us.

Get a hold of me if you're interested -

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