Hey, watcha doin?

I'm drinking coffee, doing work and listening to podcasts. Also, I forgot to eat breakfast.

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Holy crap! You know when you see people freak out on TV when they see a celebrity and you say to yourself, "I would never act like that...I would be COOL?"

But then it happens to you and it's either someone not very well known or hasn't worked very much in a while and now you're all like, "Holy shit this is amazing!"

It might just be me lol


Reading what you wrote. Duh

mike bautista
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Mitch, are you gonna get that one game? the one with the forts and the protecting of forts? from those guys who made gears of war but looks more fun than gears of war.

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I'm eating sushi alone in a food court. This is the first meal I've had today and it's 2pm. I would be mad keen on building a fort but I have to go back to work which is super busy. Sigh.


working and drinking my Mike Tyson energie drink


ecsu on Sep 13 '12 at 11:10am contact me taz, i'm flat broke. :(

AWWWW i totally would! but it is a awareness campaign, not a paying job. so little start-up south african illustrators are being contacted by me :(

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Just came home from round 2 job interview and preordered the iPhone5

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right now i'm throwing a massive mini tantrum over that goddamn banner! and yes, mini tantrums can be massive at the same time

now i'm listening to my neighbour do what appears to be jumping jacks to his music above me


I had to skip breakfast today, but I've got a short stack of banana pancakes just waiting for me for lunch. It's all I have to look forward to. I may pretend they are forts, and I will protect those forts by eating them.


hey guys. im in brazil now, and i live in norway. what am i doing here??

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currently spending more time on threadless than my actual work


Dan Yingling

Thinking about Clay Matthews.


I'm thinking about how Clay Mathews looks like he would push me down some stairs if we went to the same high school together...


I'm now thinking about whether pushing someone down the stairs is even a bully thing.

Dan Yingling

not if you're clay matthews.

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Drinking my iced coffee and taking a web break from bag drawing cause my hand is getting cramped up.

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