Calc II final

Anyone have hints? I have to take it tomorrow in the afternoon. Not feeling tooo confident because i failed it last semester and i'm boarderline failing this semester. I'm just sick of studying.

Watch this

ooh, what do you mean by hints?

I get to skip Calc II because I got a 5 in AP Calc BC, but I heard it is the hardest out of Calc I - III


lucky you... by hints i mean what i should renember.


lol im still in high school, sucks.
almost there though, but i got finals this week too :(

good luck bro


umm calc II is all about integrals and seris


^LOL! yeah, always take the derivative. i have a calc final on saturday, i know how you feel, i'm borderline failing too.


haha, ratio test only works if the thing you're comparing it to is bigger


yeah, the ratio test usually helps out. Also, dont forget about Integration by parts. Integral of udv = uv - integral of vdu
I dont remember anything really about series tho.


integration by parts is easy especially when you do it by table meathod.

¡ Squirrel Lover !

this is kinda funny cause you guys are scard about your calc final and im freaking out about geometry exams
im sorry for you guys


for some reason i did fine in calc one, but failed calc II misserably the first time. I need a 85 on the final to pass the class this time. To bad the highest score i've gotten to date is a 78.


the best part of all of this is my chem proffessor just asked me to be an SI next semester.


Deal, math kid


If you're not sure what you derived is correct and you have time, just try to do it in reverse from your answer.

Also, do as much work as possible so that you can get part marks.

And finally, if all else fails, choose 7.


i'm very supprised that nobody metiononed my graphing calculator yet. It's a TI 83 plus.


Calc I is easy, Calc II is hard. Geometry is very easy, but good luck to you Squirrel Lover.

But yeah, I guess just study what you've learned so far.

I assume this is what you learn
Inverse Functions
e^x and ln(x)
Inverse Trig
L'hopital's Rule
Integration by Parts
Trig Substitution
Trigonometric Integrals
Partial Fractions
Improper Integrals
Arc Length/Surface Revolution
Differential Equations
Slope Fields
Parametric Equations

I think thats everything, which is quite a bit of material. Best of luck to you, but what I say is that go down the list and the stuff you know, cross off, etc. I dont know if this is everything or if some of this you dont need to know, but hey, its a start.

Also, do SIs get paid?


Im taking Calc III next semester, so hopefully it isnt too hard. My friend said you dont need to know Calc II stuff that much for Calc III.


yes, and SI does get money. I think i'll be making around $12 per hour but i'll only be working around 15 hours a week


it's still a step up from my current job at blockbuster. And i've heard of people taking calc III at the same time as calc II if they failed it once


really, u can take them at the same time?

but yeah, I was thinking about being an SI leader, but I dont know how you go about doing it. Does your teacher have to ask you or is there some sort of application?


I just took my Calc 2 final last week. Remember Taylor Series! Know how to write a nth degree Taylor polynomial. And know all your convergence/divergence tests. And don't forget your integration techniques. Also you may need to know your complex exponential equations [like sinx = (e^ix - e^-ix)/2i ]. On my final we had to derive some trig identities using complex exponentials like that, dunno if you have to worry about it though. Good luck! And class curves are usually friendly!


it's diffrent at all colleges, I was asked because my teacher knows me and i took chem I and chem II with him and i know how he works. Also i got higher then 95% in both classes. I go to a community college so we're allways short on SIs. There is usually and application and it allways helps if the teacher asks you. Also try just going and asking the teacher if you can you never know.

you can take both at the same time if you took calc II before but didn't pass.

I do know that i won't have to know hyperbolic functions though.


yeah, i didnt think hyperbolic functions would be on there.

Im gonna go see if I can be an SI leader after I take Chem I and II. Thats next year tho.


if you're in calc you can be an SI in trig or any lower math class


i didnt know math had SI sessions. hm, ill look into it, although Im not in good terms with my Calc I teacher, as I skipped most of his class and still got a 99%

Yeah, I still took Calc I because my advisor wouldnt let me take Calc III until I turned in my AP scores. When I did turn them in, I couldnt take Calc III because I forgot to switch classes before Add/Drop and it filled up before I could. Long story short, Academic Advisors suck!


again, it depends on the college. see if you can work in the math lab or something.


cool, i prob will. I dont wanna work at the bookstore and the other choice would be Sea World which is quite a drive, so I dont want to drive there every day. Math lab sounds fine.

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