Did I fuck up subbing?

I'm pretty sure I subbed this to Loves Clever:

But the deadline was yesterday and it still hasn't gone up for voting. As I recall they used to push all the challenge subs to go up within the deadline which makes me think I somehow fucked up and didn't sub it to clever (though I double checked). Or do they not force the subs into deadline anymore?

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igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

I still have a design pending for the Loves Clever so they must have changed the policy, so don't worry, think you're still in!

Shadyjibes profile pic Alumni

I have a collab with ndikol pending for loves clever and i'm pretty sure he subbed it to loves clever or maybe i'm getting fucked up too.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I'm sure y'all fucked up. Sorry.


you are all fuck ups. there. i said it.

silverhare profile pic Alumni

I made a day-of-deadline sub (on Monday) to Dangers of the Deep, and it did not get put up for scoring until Wednesday, so I think the original policy has changed. Several others went up when mine did.

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