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I recently received an email from Flickr inviting me to submit some of my designs to Getty images.

I don't really know anything about it, but I figured many of you here have probably received a similar offer, and I was curious of what your experiences with it have been like, and if you would recommend doing it?


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Haragos profile pic Alumni

I have no experience with them but Getty Images tend to be one of the high end stock photography websites. With just that information I’d say go for it.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

^ What he said and the fact that they are seeking you out, rather than the other way around, are both good signs. I say see what they want to offer and go from there.


I really like your “Goodbye Cruel World (2)” design (and the Marie Antoinette hoodie too). If Threadless is not going to print it, do you ever print through another site?

BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

I started the process and it looked like an annoying amount of extra work so i stopped. Also I hear people are not really making a lot from it. There's another blog about this somewhere but I don't recall the title.

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni


That's kind of what I was suspecting. Thanks for confirming it.


Thank you. As of now I have no plans for Goodbye Cruel World.

It would seem you like the morbid designs :)


I never thought about it before but it must be true! Scary!

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