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Situation: So a, very handsome but not so bright sometimes, fellow strolls into the Sheetz on South Queen St (York, PA) this morning around 9:30 to use the ATM. He withdraws $50 from his account but only grabs the receipt..leaving the cash hanging and probably the machine beeping at him. He's very tired from lack of sleep and little coffee. Do you;

A) take the money and run
B) return the money to the cashier/manager
C) other

Please answer this scientific question so I may compile a list of people I can be friends with. Thanks.

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I'd probably try to give the money back to the customer, if I could catch him. But if I couldn't... I wouldn't give it to someone else, so if the wrong person ended up with the money, I'd rather that wrong person be me.

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I'd probably take it to the cashier/manager/other and say that if a handsome guy comes looking for a fifty, this is his and please give it to him. Then they would most likely just stuff it in their tip jar.

How handsome exactly? Pics?

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if the dude was still in sight i'd run after him, I've done that in the past in similar situations. Once a friend and I found the equivalent of a five-buck note at a fairground and first we were like woo two free rides on the Wheel of Death!! But then we imagined it might have been some kid who's lost the money and will now feel bad and miss out on the fair fun so we spent like half an hour hovering around that place and asking people if they've lost money. Miraculously nobody claimed the thing (though anyone could have, not like we'd know, but I guess it's hard to come straight out with a convincing lie when ambushed like that), so in the end we did get two free rides on the Death Wheel, but we really tried.

The cashier thing wouldn't even occur to me, but now that you say it it makes sense I guess as the logical next step. Though yeah, they'd probably just keep it.

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I've found a couple of lost wallets and IDs over the years and traced people down to return them. The sound of surprise in their voice when you call them up is pretty priceless :)

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I'd try to give it back to the customer first. I wouldn't trust the cashier to return the money!


edit: the customer is long gone, no one saw him use the machine. You just happen to open the door and the ATM just inside is beeping w/ money hanging out.

Bonus Question: If you chose option A, what do you spend the money on? ..probably nothing useful I assume. kicks dirt


If you find money, and it's easy to trace whose money it is, and you still keep it, you're a piece of shit.


moves DeeAnn to top of Potential Friends list

But now that you mention it, I think all ATM's do have cameras. Perhaps if the machine didn't suck the money back in, the bank would be able to assist the man in catching the theft and sending them to PMITA prison.

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did someone take your money?


C) grab the money, get the card and chase after the guy, if unable to catch said person hold onto it and had it into the bank to return to the customer.

D) this happened to me, the guy in front of me left his card in the ATM and started to leave I saw his account balance and everything I quickly hit the return card button and ran after him to return his stuff he was so grateful he wanted to give me money I said no just dont forget your card next time.


I would almost certainly fail to realize that there was money sticking out of the machine when I went up to use it. And then I'd go in to the cashier and be all "hey sorry I asked for $20 but the machine gave me $70, I think it's broken" and everything would be confusing and they'd probably end up calling a technician to repair a machine that wasn't broken in the first place and I'd realize half a day later what actually probably happened and feel incredibly bad about it and maybe call to apologise if i could find the branch's number on the internet but never ever go back to that branch again out of sheer embarrassment after wasting everyone's time with my obliviousness.

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I like you, Kimby :) You are real people!


I'm pretty oblivious in real life, Lidija... The other day I walked around for 20 minutes during my precious lunch break looking for my bank's ATM and couldn't find it even though I swear I was in the right place and had found ATM's for every other bank in existence while searching.

I nearly tripped over a pigeon I was so distracted... If it hadn't flown away with a squarked of terror I definitely would have stood on it. So, noticing extra money at the machine would definitely not have happened that day. I still don't know which colour note equals what value here yet either which is a pain.

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oh I definitely have days like that. I regularly walk right past people I know in the street and only spot them when whoever I'm with goes 'hey, wasn't that your mom?'

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I once ordered a PlayStation Move add-on for our PS3 online from Best Buy. It's worth maybe $40, I think. I don't remember .When I went to pick it up in the store, they brought out a PlayStation 3 250GB model, including the Move add-on, handed it to me, and moved on to the next person. I'd never seen this thing before, so I just picked it up and walked out. But I grew more and more suspicious, because the box was heavy, and it looked like it had a ton of stuff in it that I hadn't ordered. But they checked it against my receipt at the door and everything.

When I got to the car, I sat there for a minute. Something was weird. I started to suspect something REALLY funky had happened. I looked at the box, I looked at the receipt. I was right next door to a Target, so I decided to go in and see if I could find it inside. Yup, sure enough, there it was: $349.99.

I admit I was a little sad about it, but I took it back in to Best Buy and explained to the door dude what happened. Heh, I think he probably would have gotten in trouble for it, because he was very quiet about the whole thing. Yup, a clear conscience is sometimes not as much fun.

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I would've given it to the cashier, since returning it to him is off the table. I've always hade that sense of making stuff right, even as a kid, when I once found like 10 dollars and handed it in to the police. I've bent over backwards to return stuff people forget on the bus/tram, found phones and called a bunch of ppl in their adressbook just so the person could get it back. It's so bad that I've on occasion, when unexpected money has made it into my account, that I've called the bank up to see they're mine/mine - so I'm not spending up some old woman's pension.


Thats crazy Jay. It makes me wonder whether the receipt checkers at Sam's Club actually do anything besides act as a visual deterrent. Seems like they just pick one thing on your receipt, pretend like they look for it in your cart, and then mark it with a highlighter.


Welp, the money has not been automatically credited back to my account so.. guess im heading to the bank now to see what they have to say.


Definitely hand it in! I'm sorry if you lost your money :(

I once found £20 on the supermarket floor, no idea who dropped it so I gave it to a member of staff and asked them to hand it to lost property/a manager. If she kept it, that's her choice - I did my part.

I also once found £5 in a bar and when I handed it to the security guy he looked at me like I was mad and said to keep it. I didn't want to benefit from it so I bought him a drink with it.

i'm basically a saint.


Return the money. I always try to think what if I was the person that lost it. Plus money is evil anyways...but yeah always give it back. Never know how difficult a time a person is having in life etc.


So, got in my car to leave and then couldnt find a pen.. got out, found pen, lost receipt. Then proceeded to spend a solid half hour searching for the missing ATM receipt WHICH I JUST HAD! Finally find it, IN A PLANT of all places. Dont ask me how that happens. Anyway, I go to the bank and sit there in the special Anything Besides Normal Transactions chair while the two tellers sit there smirking at their computer screens playing solitaire or whatever it is they do. shrug Then had a very nice customer service manager lady help me out. Filled some claim. I should have a provisional credit posted to my account within a day or two. They will investigate the funds and, if they need to, pull the tapes. This was inside a gas station convenience store, so they have cameras and the ATM probably has one. Cool man!

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aw man talk about an organised country. if that happened to you here good luck asking for anything back. they'd be like dude, you left it out in the open, your loss, sorry. move on.


09/10/2012 PROVISIONAL CREDIT - ATM DISPUTE $50.00 cleared!

So I guess the moral of the story is to pay attention at the ATM. Take your cash, your card, and your receipt. If you see an ATM beeping w/ money hanging out and you don't see the person who left it there, it is you civic duty to stand guard until the machine sucks it back in. (maybe 20 seconds, depends) Don't block the machine so others can't use it. But, if someone comes up to grab the cash, lay a real heavy guilt trip on them. "Gee man, I dunno.. that doesn't seem like a good idea ..taking someones money, geez." Shake your head and make a :/ face.

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