not my favorite by you!

but I'll take it... fine work as always... and now, I can't whine anymore as to the availability of one of your prints...congrats, and can't wait till the next one

Watch this

i was gonna say that too.

i really wish they printed another of yours.

good job though man.


this shirt makes me feel so strange


really what bothers me is the way she holds the knife.

now if i were cutting off my wings, i would have gone over the top. but thats just me.

Darkie profile pic Alumni

Maybe she went on the top and half cut them off... then went from the bottom to finish the job.

Reason: She didn't stretch before hand so she isn't as flexible.


From a distance it looks like an Indian Chief with a mullet is going down on her


i would have sooooo bought the couple one :( "when we kiss"


don't take it wrong hue. i love you're stuff.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Wery cool! I love all your stuff Hue!! I'm really hoping to get my hands on your 12monther tee... I just need to wait for the club member to get it to decide if they want to keep it themselves.

But I do agree with Martin & UrbanRaptor! This is not a favorite of yours. When I look at it I think of that X-men scene with the Angel Wing guy cutting his own wings off.

But it's great that they're printing your stuff! I can't wait for more Hue tees!


I love huebuckets designs but i dont like this one why didnt they print the adam and eve design i love that

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