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Hey BOSTON! I live here now!!

I JUST MOVED TO BOSTON! Anyone else here? I could us some suggestions for yummy food places, roofdeck bars, and any/all fun or helpful tips are greatly appreciated. I'm in the Back Bay/Fenway area by Northeastern, FYI.

This is also why I have been very MIA as of late, but no fear! I will be back on the design scene soon!

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whoaa i just graduated from Northeastern! :P

what kind of foods are you into?

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congrats jeff! I like ALL foods. Anything exotic would be fun! Or any sort of dive or back alley pub that has your basic delicious greasy stuff is just as good to me :)

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i'd love to help you out as i've had many a good night and many a good meal in boston, except I have a really good friend who lives there so she makes all the plans and takes us to all the good spots and I tend not to pay much attention to where I actually am and just tag along and enjoy myself. so i'm useless, sorry

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haha, fair enough. if your friend has any suggestiong, let me know!


oh hey, welcome to Boston! where'd you move from?

I live near Harvard Square & will post a ton of suggestions when I get a chance.

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Thanks tragos! That'd be very helpful.

I moved from Long Island, NY. So not too big of a jump

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weird!? i'm from suffolk. ronkonkoma to be exact!

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lol my family is about 15 min away in the port jeff area. our church is in ronkonkoma


So how long have you been here? Hopefully some of these are new to you! and I can suggest a lot more bars and best burgers and burritos and all that too :)

Here are 25 good places to go to around Boston...

Comm Ave / Kenmore favorites: India Quality - awesome Indian food. good for eating there or take-out/delivery. Nuggets - best used record store in the city. not overpriced. Lower Depths - super cheap hot dogs with a ton of topping options, good draft beer, rotating selection.

Back Bay: Teuscher has the BEST chocolates. you must try their champagne truffles.

Allston Deep Ellum - great bar. If I didn't hate Allston so much, I'd go here all the time.

South End: Coppa is a little pricey but good drinks and amazing small plates. if you're into charcuterie and all that weird meatstuff, go here. go even if you're not (I'm vegetarian and love it). SOWA is a Sunday-only outdoor market with crafty stuff and the city's biggest gathering of food trucks, and there's a pretty good indoor vintage market too. Gaslight has a $10 prix fixe brunch that's reliably good. They take reservations, which is awesome.

Fort Point: Drink is the most incredible bar I've ever been to. Tell them whatever you want and they will make you something you'll love. Most talented bartenders. They chop ice from huge blocks down to big rounds for punch bowls or perfect cubes for on the rocks. Everything is good here. Holy shit. They open at 4pm every day and if you go anytime after that there's probably a wait, but you might get in. Menton is really great for if you win the lottery or someone rich is taking you to dinner. Or if you want to blow a paycheck in one place. Seriously, most incredible meal I've ever had in my life. I spent nearly $300. You could spend a bit less (4-course prix fixe instead of the 7-course chef's tasting) but honestly, it was 100% worth it. the ICA is free Thursday nights from 5-9. kinda disappointingly small and mainstream for a contemporary art museum, but definitely worth going for free! the building is really great to walk around outside of too.

South Boston: Castle Island is a great place to walk a dog, see planes taking off over the ocean, and eat hot dogs and french fries. One of my favorite places to be.

Dorchester: if you have access to a car, Boston Bowl has 24-hour bowling! candlepin & tenpin.

Central Square: Toscanini's - world's best ice cream. ImprovBoston is the only place worth seeing improv in Boston. can be hit or miss, but sometimes really great, usually really cheap.

Harvard Square: Boston Tea Stop - best bubble tea. also really good mochi ice cream with seasonal flavors (pumpkin!). also free wifi. Cash Only. Burdick's has the best hot chocolate in the city, or maybe anywhere. The Brattle is a classic. Showing a different old (or sometimes newish) movie or two pretty much every night. They do double-features too, and serve good beer.

Kendall Square: Emma's has a super-thin crust pizza, their spicy rosemary sauce is awesome, and they have the best sangria I've ever had (year-round). West Bridge just opened a few months ago and the food and drinks are incredible. Not cheap, but good price for the quality. The Kendall Square movie theatre is one of the best in the city, lots of independent & foreign films, all the good stuff, none of the blockbusters.

Inman Square: Bukowski's is a great place to go to drink beer. They have over 100 beers, and if you drink them all within a few months, you get a glass stein engraved with the name of your favorite dead author. City Girl Cafe - stupid name, great, fresh Italian food. their specials rock.

Union Square, Somerville: The Independent is a pretty good neighborhood bar (half price oysters on Mondays) that has a seriously good brunch Sat & Sun til 4pm.

Davis Square: Sacco's is a wood-fired pizza place and a candlepin bowling alley. All small breweries on tap.


oh, I didn't give you anything in Brookline.

Coolidge Corner: Berry Freeze - small local frozen yogurt shop, and it's self-serve, weighted, so if you want a tiny bit of froyo with a ton of oreos, go for it.

Coolidge has a really nice movie theatre too, beautifully restored. although it's kinda not worth it if they're not showing it in the main theatre. check out their midnight showings.

Coolidge is I think the only Trader Joe's around that's allowed to sell beer & wine, so stock up on stupidly cheap wine there.

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Jeffreyg: that is rediculous! What a small world...

Tragos: what an amazing list! I've only been around about a week and a half so I haven't been to any of these places. Can't wait to try them out!!!


awesome! glad I could help. let me know sometime when you're around Cambridge or Somerville, I'll buy you a welcome to Boston drink :)

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