Music make work more FUN

  • by jinshio
  • posted Sep 04, 2012

Watch this

Music make work more fun (or homework @.@)rnhere a clip and music note consolidatedrnone color and white,silver or black colors tees


Love it! For real! I would try it on a heather grey tee, and maybe just a liiiitle bit smaller. also, as you said, would work on black, with the design on white, or a pearlish color! Swing by my submissions if you like, and tell me what you think!


Is the text going to be a part of it? I saw the paperclip after I read your comment, but my first thought was a trombone (music note). The image is also very large on the shirt, consider maybe making it just a tad smaller?


Thanks a lot for your suggestions and no text it's no part of the design :)


a clip with nusic note or a music note with clip form, thanks a lot for your suggestions


Cute idea it seems like the paperclip should be longer, just a thought. I like the idea, good job.


@SilvaArts i thought that also :D thanks

Romari Lepre

Simple and good-looking. I would like to have such tee.

It would be very kind if You take a look at ShadowMoon


paperclip as music note or music note with paperclip form. thanks to all


I like the length. I would pinch it and make it a LITTLE thinner not the width of the stroke but the general width of the design. I say this because paper clips have one more internal loop and visually we expect it. Thinning it will compensate for our expectations. I love your design and concept. I also have this nagging feeling like I want to see a string of paper clips (string of notes) just a thought. Please know that I hold your design skill in the highest regard and just feel fortunate to be included in the design process.


Great idea! I'd do it smaller...but the concept is awesome! Good work!


uh oh already put into the running :( if it's rejected i'll make it more smaller thanks a lot for your feedback :)

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