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Filthy, Filthy, World

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The bacteria lands would be printed in suede ink to give the fuzzy bacteria culture look.


Good design!, i'll suggest to work more on the "glass" to make it more realistic. And i'd like to see the design on a t-shirt (or whatever) template :)


Embellished the petri dish to look more glass-like, though now the continents can't be suede ink.


I want to see it on a T-shirt... :)


Yeah seeing the design on a t-shirt would be good :)


Great shirt but i think the shadow could be a bit softer. Otherwise awesome job!

Could you give me some advice? CLICK HERE!

MrsHappy profile pic Alumni

I really like it, I agree about the shadow, it needs to be softer or faded, since the middle of the globe is faded, the shadow seems to bold. Other than that, you'll have my vote when you submit it! I like it!!!


Softened the cast shadow of the overall petri dish


While this is probably intentional, the petri dish doesn't strike me as a petri dish. I think it's because the white lines are so stark/white. Though my experience is limited to high school science classes years ago, the colors also seem to be too bright to resemble bacteria. Or at least, anything green is more moldy looking; the peach/orange stuff is actually pretty spot on.

I really like the concept. :)

MrsHappy profile pic Alumni

Oh much better, just that little change on the shadow did everything! Its DEFINITELY a favorite of mine! SUBMIT & you got my vote!!! =]

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i like the concept here, although as yivviepants said, for those of us who don't work in a lab, the petri dish may not be as readily recognizable. i do work in a lab, and it took me a few moments. maybe adding some other scientific equipment in the background (e.g. tweezers, a test tube) would help?

good luck!


Major, major changes: changed the perspective to show that it's a petri dish rather than a magnifying glass or something. Also, agar is slightly tinted blue now. I think it works well being the "water".


Looks Awesome I would add Filthy, Filthy World at the top or a different title that would look cool and make it make more sense to non science geeky people who cant recognize that that is bacteria on a pitre dish. Also can you please comment on my design and give some feedback.


I think this design is really neat. I love the improvements you made. I don't think I'd add text to clarify the shirt. Part of the fun of it is realizing it's a petri dish.


Filthy, Filthy World is now pending approval! Thanks for all your help!

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