The design is perfect!

  • by righthere
  • posted Dec 10, 2006

When I saw this hoody, I had to have it. Something about the design makes me happy, so I'm thrilled to have ordered it.
I just finalized the order, and a few nights ago I ordered another hoody and three t-shirts. Now, this is the first time I've ever ordered from Threadless so I have no idea how long it will take for everything to ship. Has anyone ordered from here before with the default shipping rate? Do you remember how long it took for the items to arrive?
I was hoping to have everything wrapped and under the tree by Christmas, but if that's not the case, I'll have to wait longer :X.

Watch this

It'll most probably be there before Christmas if you live in the USA unless UPS/USPS has delays because of so much Christmas shipping. I ordered this hoody tonight, too. =)


Ah, thank you so much! Hopefully there aren't many delays!
And yay for ordering it as soon as it came out :D! I was just so excited about it I couldn't wait, haha.


I ordered the hoody shortly after you commented me.. I gave in and got it. :x

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Oh, it's crazy, I ordered this hoody tonight, too, for me and for my girlfriend :)


Deathberry, I'm glad you stuck with the hoody! I think it's too nice to pass up on :D.

And apy, great job on the design! Obviously, a whole lot of people love it : )!


i love this and may use my STPs to buy it on a tee :)


sometimes a week... sometimes a week and a half-ish. maybe sooner if you're super special! :D


Legoman, I just recently discovered what all of the points mean, and I'm excited to actually get some, haha :D. I have a lot of friends interested in clothing like this, so I'll have to introduce them to the site : )!

Thank you, McJamie! I'm really hoping they come ASAP! I'm too excited for everything to arrive in the mail!


I wuv this design like a bunny loves pancakes!
Silly me, I haven't taken any shirt picks, and the sale is almost over, oh noes! :(


Yeah, the sale is almost over. I've purchased a few things, but it's a lot of money already, so I'm trying to cut back on my desire for more :x.


Something about this hoody really is just perfect. I cancelled a different order that was still open to justify buying this one!


Smallmonster, I agree! And also, I was on the verge of doing that exact same thing, but my parents decided they'd get it for me for Christmas, which was nice!
I'm glad I ordered it last night, since the small size is already sold out!

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