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What do you think of my design?rnPlease rate 1-5 + $ if you would buy,rnand leave any feedback or suggestions.


I think a lighter colored shirt would help. The cupcake liner is getting lost. More shadows or details on the cupcake.

I would like to hear your comments: wonderful


Added a silver t-shirt and brightened the lining. Note: I morphed the sprinkles to fit the model photos, the actual design will print vertical.


like it much better on the silver tee.. One suggestion..maybe you should try giving the frosting some lines, to create a twirly illusion.. on a thiner stroke than the outline could work really well.. Also, maybe thicker outlines may give it a mor cartoonish look, defining the shapes better! I hope i was helpfull! You can check out my submisions if you like, and tell me what you think! good luck


I like the version on the teal shirt best. Love this design it's very vibrant and really fun. I love the cupcake and the texture on the pink icing. The sprinkles also look really good. Like the above comments id try and add some thicker outlines and see what it looks like.

If you have the time could you please score my design, thanks.



I agree with putting thin, subtle lines on the frosting, just to give it some shape. Also, maybe make the sprinkles a little smaller? They look a little too noisy. Other than that, super cute!


I'm not too sure about making suggestions about cartoon illustrations as my background leans toward realism. I agree with making swirl lines in the frosting. Personalty I would like to see a large amount of piled up sprinkles on the ground this would serve to seat the illustration. You could even go so far as to make the cupcake a little smaller, put it on a sidewalk portion, and have the sprinkles going down the storm drain. I know that my suggestions are asking a little much. I like the design and can't wait to see what you do next with it.

The pandamen

i still like roots better but this one is very unique maybe on a kids shirt this would work best


Silver is the way to go but I still think the cupcake needs a little more shadowing.

Please vote and comment on mine! RED HEX

Romari Lepre

Mb make some shadows on the cake. Nice!

It'll be very kind if You vote ShadowMoon

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