Pretty new here :]

Just want to say hi everyone! I normally just go by Static, but that names has already been taken on the this site, so i'm Static7r7 here. I'm really looking forward in submitting good amount of art to Threadless. I'm even teaching myself Adobe Illustrator just for it lol.

Reason i'm posting is just to try to interact with other artist and art fans on here.
Might be new but i'm defiantly trying to show my support by scoring artist which i think is an awesome idea.

If your interested/ bored feel free to check out my Facebook Fan page for my art
Static Ink If you dig what you see hit the like button.

Also feel free to post a link to your art i'd love to check it~

Watch this

Hi, welcome to Threadless. I just checked out some of your art of Facebook. It's cool. I look forward to seeing some designs on here in the future. I hope you're getting on well with adobe illustrator. I normally use photoshop, still learning myself but I find it an excellent tool for colouring my art.

Below is a link to one of my designs that is up for scoring, if you have the time check it out :)


Thanks for the positive feedback, not too sure if the my link worked but there's always my link on my profile thing too lol. but yeah i'm defiantly learning a lot of new tricks with Adobe Illustrator, I was more use to Adobe Flash to draw with.

Ps. i Checked out the design rated 5 and commented on it : ]


Yeah I used the Facebook link. Like the Chicago bulls stuff. Thanks for the feedback on my design, it's appreciated. I'm always learning on photoshop, so many tools!


oh happy to hear it works, and have to show some luv for my Chicago Bulls :D but thanks again and no problem on the feedback, and yeah there's a good amount of tools in Adobe programs.

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Hey there! I visited your facebook page - I really like the Alice in Wonderland. That's some dense artwork!


Oh well thank you!, Hit the "Like" button on the main page to see newer work when it pops up. I'm working on another one just like the "Alice in Wonderland" one, its gonna be of "willy wonka and the DARK chocolate factory" lol

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