Your opinion on my design

Hi All,
I'm new here, so I'll try to find my way around here.
Here you have my first idea for a submission.

If you check my site, you will notice my works are currently very concentrated in "reggae & roots" niche. Although this might be a disadvantage, I'll try to create my own place in it, by creating works that appeal to the niche and 'outsiders' at the same time. In this way, I feel a little responsible to uplift the usual (let's be honest - ugly- graphics used in 'my' niche.
So far, it looks like this strategie is working, with interested people in both 'worlds'. That's it for my background.

The next image is a limited edition silkscreen I did, for an upcoming series, in which I portray important musicians and producers in my niche. Here also I try to create an interesting image, whether you recognize the artist or not. I designed the silkscreen with the idea to create a T-shirt later of it. Then I found Threadless!

The artist here is Chazbo (musician, producer for conscious sound studio, owner of the Roots Temple label)
who plays the melodica and who has a love for Japan (often called the Far East style, in reggae music, hence the little text). Important in the music is a certain spiritual feel, (reggae music is almost always tied with the Rastafari-faith)
In the background, you see those columns. The're called a Torii, it's a japanese gate that mark the transition between the real and the spiritual world, so it was the perfect setting for this remarkable musician.

Now it's your turn!


the illustration

with typo

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