Promote your Facebook Page here!

Finally I made it! :D From now on you can "like me" here! ^^

Also feel free to share your Facebook Page so we can like each other! ;D


And don't forget to check out my latest sub! :D

I will make a list of Facebook pages in this blog. Just post the link here and of course don't forget to like others too! ;)

Facebook pages you should like:

Marco Angeles

Dandingeroz Designs

VolatileTIMES Design

Design Lawrence

Celandine Design


Karen Hallion

En Ajustes

Jacques & Lise | graphic design

Chris Wharton


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On a liking spree now i seem to have a page that works. Not much up there yet, but I will remedy that soon. Feel free to like my page if you have the urge ;-)

filiskun profile pic Alumni

Added! ;)

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