lewd Giada de Laurentiis gifs.

as you were.

Watch this

Oh gosh. I feel all tingly in my swimsuit area.


Oh gosh. I feel all tingly in Taz's swimsuit area.

the czar

She scares me. I think it's her giant head


oh banana stick.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I like this blog


I hate when she has to over-enunciate Italian ingredients to prove her heritage. Also, that giant hed. It's like an orange on a toothpick.

Steve The Great

I don't think her head is actually as big as it seems. I think she leans toward the camera a lot (not complaining) which makes her head a bit closer to the camera than the rest of her. Also her hair is always big.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

no, please explain

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

damn look at those tigos


there is a glitch in al's matrix


wow. she does have a big head.


It could be that she has a small neck and that makes her head look bigger?

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