Ok, do you like A, or do you like B?

workin on a new sub, and i can't decide if i like the shadow or not. so, that's where you guys come in.
do you like




Watch this
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i think i'd stick with "A"


thanks. i still got a lot of work to do on it though. i'm gonna add a couple leaves on the lower end of the stick, and i gotta put a fly on the end of his toung.


i say a

the extra lines make me cry a litle


A. I dont think the shadow is needed - the drawings good enough to show the depth you want and the shadow ends up looking like part of his skin design.


so far A looks liek the most popular, but it's still kinda close.
anyone else got an oppinion?


damnit, it's so damn even. i've got 8 sayin A and * sayin B if i include my room mate.
and i'm still pretty indifferent


8 sayin B. stupid keyboard


wait! i've got it! i know what the problem is now. i question it because the shadows don't look natural enough to me. buuuuut if i print it out and sketch in the shadows on the body, i can find a much easier way to make it look natural rather than just using paths in illustrator. then i'll scan in the shadows i drew and turn them into paths and then place them in the apropriate spot! it's all too simple...

as much as using a pen tablet helps, a real pen is still the best tool to use....how about that.....problem solved! i shall return in the future with the revised version!

MeLa de Gypsie

I am a C...

oh wait... we weren't talking cup size...

Phil 404

B. no A. no B. well I like A, but B works too. Probably B. But then A could be btter. So i go with B. Or A.


I like B, but maybe the shadows are too dark?


B! reality rules.



Phil 404

yer, definately B.


B but use the brown stick color for the shadows everywhere but on the stick. AND... add more shadows to the undersides of things to give them dimension (not just toungue shadows).

Very cool stuff. Good Job.

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