Missed the Boat

Watch this

Hi guys, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



If the boat is reference to be the ark, I think it needs to be a little bigger or closer so that you can see the ark like shape of the boat. If that was your intention.


Yeah I love the concept here, but it took me a couple of looks to get it's meaning. I would maybe even swap the camera angle so that you are looking at the ark front on close up with the unicorns in the background. But that is just my take. Good luck

Bluebirdiesinger profile pic Alumni

I like the concept and the silhouettes- But I didn't know it was the ark till reading the comments above, definitely make it more clear that it's Noah's Ark leaving them behind :)


Thanks guys, I'll post up a revision tomorrow, might have some birds flying alongside it too.



It's neat, but maybe make the boat bigger and I'm not sure what's up with the unicorn's chins. Neat concept though!

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