oh hai guys

Haven't been on the blogs in a while. Whats new with y'all? Moved anywhere? Vacations? Babies? STI's? Whats new boo?

Watch this

Hiiiiiiiii Matt!! :)

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Hi. It burns when I pee. HELP ME.

Antonella Castaldo

Hi, I am new here. I am still looking for the "share" button. Any idea?


hey dog, wazap, how goes pretzel farming?


I moved to Pomona, California and started medical school at Western University of Health Sciences. It's hot down here! (so take off all your clothes...)

Antonella, just click this SHARE

Ryan, that's totally normal.

Omair, the pretzels were dry this year. Needs more nacho "cheese"

Hi Twiggy!

Steve The Great

sometimes my poop is shapedmore like cheetos than cheese puffs. Is this ok?


Steve, only if they are still orange

Hector, Hey! Thank you :)

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