I need a new job

I'm overworked and underpaid....

Where is hiring, where shall I start looking? moving is a possible option, looking for mid-sr. level designer or associate creative director positions.

Sell me, and.... go

PS good sites for finding design jobs, I never really had to search before.

Watch this
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Be my pool boy

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ill sell you for 50 bucks


You know, there are actually legit job postings on twitter these days, you just have to find the right hashtag. Most people in this part of the world use seek.com.au but I'm guessing America does things differently...

You could always put your CV/portfolio in with a design specialized recruitment agency and see if they can find you anything. If you're looking at leisure then that might be the way to do it?


If you can afford to volunteer, even just for a little while, it may put you in the right place to hear about better jobs when they open. shrugs Much luck and patience to you, my fellow seeker. Hope things get better!


I don't know but if you can make that work, you'll make a fortune. they already have specilaized massage for animals... so specialized massage for computers... wow... Yea. =F


I bet you'd make lots of money from that.


Lucrative to the max

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