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Logo designs (yours & mine)

If, like me, you appreciate a well thought out and executed logo and attempt to design well thought out and executed logos post them here.

Please only post your own designs and label them:
F = Finished (Design chosen and used by a client)
C = Concept (A concept presented to a client but not chosen)
W = Work in progress (Say if you want a 2nd opinion)

A little description to outline the client or the concept might be good too.

Watch this

These are great!


so many interesting elements here. we have a spot of child pron AND goatse.


ok i have gotten that out of my system. you have done some lovely work, dude!



EZFL profile pic Alumni

I don't have much experience with logo design.

F Window film company in FL.

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Very nice work dude!

I use to design a lot of logos, not so much lately, I will blame the global economy.

Anyway I did this for a trends magazine it appeared in a bunch of logo books too

and this was a concept I did when I was working on an agency:

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At some point in my life I wanted to specialize on brand design only and I do like the idea of creating the face for a company so yes I miss working on that, but now I find really scarce the opportunities to do so and being paid well so I had to move on...


Great works on these logos!

For me it's cool to work on logos. I tried to make some for some challenges on this site. Don't have too much time to work on, tho, then i stopped. But i'd like to improve myself in logo design sometimes.

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Some nice logos there Michele! I do hate crowd sourcing sites though. Oh hang on a minute...

It does make me laugh though how they call it a prize awarded to the chosen designer when really what they mean is pay them and peanuts probably.


Thanks Rick! Don't like too much how the things work there, too, but i consider it as a place for learning how to work on logos and train myself at it.

It depends on the client how much they'll pay you for a logo or such (some are even +500$), so you can choose the "challenges" that you think are a bit more remunerative for your standards. But i imagine it's not the same thing as working for an actual client, 'cause you don't develop a concept together with the people that are asking for it.

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Michele I really liked the "Hatch" and the "Hobo Millionaire" designs. Great work.

Rick and Ivan, you guys have incredible work too. I liked all of your designs. Eric's "High Impact" was great too.

I just did a post on some recent designs. It's about how you visually win some and some with logo / identity work.

I also refuse to bid on design work. I don't see how I can compete with people from third-world countries that will do logos for $50.00.

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