This year has sucked!

lost job (of 7.5 years)
lost relationship (of 14 years)
placed father in nursing home (dementia)
wrecked car once
2 speeding tickets
15 year old cat is dying

and the partridge in the damn pair tree died.

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

so sorry to hear all your Woes, sending you a big HUG

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

aw that sucks big time, all of it. stay strong. hug!!

Brightwood profile pic Alumni

yea..shit happens. Ill adapt.


That sucks major ass. But at least you are still hott!

d3d profile pic Alumni

that's a really shit year. i thought mine was bad but you win. sorry.

Ryder profile pic Alumni

sorry to hear about that.

but try to look on the bright side... at least you didn't hit a homerun with a babe ruth autographed baseball that then got eaten by a gigantic dog that you and your friends then had to try to outsmart to get the ball back

Brightwood profile pic Alumni

Ha...Ryder...makes me want to eat smores in a tree house.

digsy profile pic Alumni

sorry to hear it's been a bad year :-( for some reason 2012 sounds like it's been tough for a lot of people I think

you probably don't need to be told to focus of the positives and that everything will be ok in the end, but there it is anyway! hope it gets better in the second half of the year


^ I second digsy, and feel sorry for what happened. I wish you all the best, stay positive, always!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ugh, so sorry all this is shitting down on your head at one time.

hopefully it means rebirth of you Phoenix style soon, the tide's gotta ebb and give you room to fly away soon. Best of luck and miss you here Laura!


Oh, Laura... that sounds like things have been the absolute worst. I hope things turn around for you right away, I'm sending hugs through the Internet for you.

Brightwood profile pic Alumni

xiv on Aug 14 '12 at 6:08pm You should write a country western album.

i tried to write a country song once. A friend of mine is a successful writer. She told me "you'll never sell to the average walmart shopper."


Thanks for kindness. I'll make it. Just needed a little whine.

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