Moon Rider: Girly Tri-Blend Pullover

Moon Rider: Girly Tri-Blend Pullover

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lovely minus heather detail :(


awesome design!! would be nice if it came in extra small for all us tiny people out there though!


If it was 29.99 id buy it in a second but 60 damn.


WTF is this price? Come on, mate.


If this ever goes on sale I'll buy it - if it were in the shops in the UK I might just anyway but what with shipping costs... This is my absolute favourite shade to wear though and it's a lovely style!


I would buy this if it wasn't so expensive. The price is WAY too much for something so simple. Bring down the price please. I wouldn't pay more than $29.


Oh so fine and classy.


Fine, classy and a robbery.


Aw this was on sale just a few days ago! Why did it go back to its original price, I waited too long to buy it and now its too late.... This is an awesome shirt, but $60 is way too much. It needs to go back on sale!


Even the smallest size is so big... Why is it so fitted on her? : (


The design is wonderful, but hard to see. The printing is not totally opaque so the design gets a bit lost on the heather fabric. The piece I received is not as clear as the image above.


Bit random, but my eye keeps coming back tot he skirt this model is wearing. Is it also a Threadless product? I love the black piping and the three... Button? on the bottom right.

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