No Girly XL?!?!

I've wanted this since I voted for it (5$) and now no Girly XL? What Gives?!

Watch this

it's a mistake, it's there on the stock chart.


Now its not on the stock chart! Maybe I should skip breakfast, just in case


wtf? I really wanted this shirt!!!!!!!!!


I'm guessing back order, especially since this design seems to have been rushed to print in time for the sale. (It just finished scoring a couple of weeks ago).


yeah it's probably just backordered.

cshimala profile pic Staff

back order till early next week


YAY ok, I'm happy now, I was just sad because I have no money and there's not too many shirts I'm willing to buy these days due to that fact but this one is fabulous and I'd buy it with my last $10!


so can we pre order during the sale- or are we just out of luck?!?!?


I'm getting a bit concerned - will these be available tomorrow for the last of the sale?

If they aren't, will we still get them for $10 when they are?


I think I will just order a different size and exchange it.

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