Two Important Factors in Logo Designing

A Logo is something that represents a company or a certain corporation. It is also used for brand awareness of different businesses. For it to leave a mark or good impression on the clients, the logo should be created following a certain concept. It is made through careful planning and research and then executed with care. Making sure that the concept is not owned by any other company or institution so they will not say that it is copied. Logo designs must be simple, clean and unique.

Start with Logo Design Concept

Before you start designing, come up with rough drafts or sketches first. Don't go directly to the computer because you might end up wasting your time and energy. It is always good to do this during the initial development process. Always communicate with your client but it is not necessary that you follow all directions - you can do this but always do something in a different direction, something with a totally different look and feel so he can choose from them. When you talk about concept, think what the logo design is all about. Think of appropriate colors, elements, icons that the client use in his business then you can decide from there what you should use to start with your logo sketches.

The Revision Process

If you are done with your samples and the client has chosen something from the options that you have given, the revision process will take place (not unless the client doesn't want to change anything in the design, then you're good to go!) In this second stage of logo development, you can alter several parts of the logo or if the client changes his mind, then the total look of the logo might change! Be careful with this though - you might want to set certain limitations with your client because you might redo it plenty of times and would exceed the total number of revisions that you have agreed upon. As the saying goes... the client or customer is always right but you must also follow a certain arrangement and give a friendly reminder if they have crossed the line.

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