Discuss the Threadless 2.0 Beta Here.

In case you guys still don't know, Threadless 2.0 is coming -- and the beta is available for us to use here:


I thought we could make this blog a place to discuss 2.0 and what we like/dislike about it -- and offer suggestions for more awesomeness or improvement on existing awesomeness.

I'm going to start, and I'll keep adding suggestions/bugs/problems to this list as people participate -- so it's easier on Jake and staff to keep up with.


-- I really enjoy when the line/image I mouseover highlights -- even if it's just a slow white fade in.

-- I'm a sucker for custom icons. ie: those under the "Reach Out" area of the profile.

-- No more 0's? Thank you thank you thank you.

-- The store is totally spot on now.

-- You linked to Soloyo's glossary blog! $5!

-- The "Make" area and links are easy to follow and understand. Cool stuff here.

2.0 Dislikes

-- The site seems really slow at the moment. 1.0 had this problem a while back, but was resolved to an extent. 2.0 just takes forever to load any page.

-- I'm not sure I'm fond of Recent Comments appearing under the profiles tab. I'm not entirely sure what else is supposed to go under Profiles -- but it can't just be Recent Comments. I imagine it will be filled with Twitter, Flickr, and Last FM data. Can we confirm this?

-- I am saddened by the fact that my written and linked stuff (now under Tidbits) is all jacked ; ;

-- I miss the classic blue logo ; ;

-- The navigation menu is driving me nuts. The store drop down is fine and ordered. But the large icons throw me off in the rest of my options. It doesn't feel intuitive. IDK if this is because I've used 1.0 for ~7 years, or if it's simply an organizational thing. It's probably my inability to decipher what "Make" "Pick" "Play" mean as far as categories go. Shop, Participate, Community, and Info are streamlined and easily depict what links you can expect to find under them.

-- The share stuff under the blog posts makes the blog really seem disconnected from the comments. Maybe if it were under the blog title instead? Maybe I'm just crazy on this one.

2.0 Suggestions

-- I'd really like to see a provided link to our STP links, so we don't have to create and post them ourselves when we want to exchange gift STPs. There are of course ways to always figure out someone else's STP link, it'd just be nice if it was readily available in their profile for you. Perhaps under "Reach Out" or "Tidbits"

-- Designs under Profile should maybe list all our prints too (if any). Both past designs and prints maybe only show the most recent 6? with a link to an archive of the others? IDK, feedback please?

-- The Share Your Design page that provides us with the thumbnail banners everyone uses everywhere should be readily available on the design's scoring page with the rest of the share features. I never liked that we had to go to another page to snag that thumbnail.

-- I hope there's more of an effort to get the Bestees across. I always miss them because I never really am informed of when scoring is going on, or when winners are selected. Maybe more homepage coverage?

2.0 Bugs

-- Sometimes, when the home page is opened in Safari, the content between the yellow header and the site's footer doesn't even load. This is sometimes remedied by click on the "English Link"

-- I updated my Linked In contacts and usernames -- but I didn't see any changes made to my profile.

-- Safari hates the navigation main menu. Thing glitches out and freezes sometimes. Flashes almost all the time when moused over.

2.0 Direct Questions

-- Why is there so much space for my avatar in my profile? O_o

-- Are staff name colors now the same as everyone else?

-- How many little tab notifiers (staff, artist) are there? Is there one for bestee and ambassador?

-- Is Safari the wrong browser to be viewing 2.0 in? Should I be using IE or FF instead?

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Mountain Gnome

Trying out the beta, I have one bug to report so far, the participated option in the forum does not filter at all...

Mountain Gnome

after more looking around, I'm not sure i prefer the new forum appearance (cannot select only blogs or only particpated), nor the profile (half my about me is missing) also what use is recent comments? I prefered my comments not to all be lined up in one place... All in all. its gonna take some getting used to...

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

overall it's nice. I still haven't gotten used to the drop down. I find the current site a bit quicker and less fussy as far as navigation.

on a trivial note, but kinda funny, i've noticed the headline over printed designs has become increasingly less enthusiastic over the years. before I got printed it used to read "check me out, I'm a winner!" which was then changed to "check me out, I got printed!" and the latest iteration on the beta version is a calm and factual "I have been printed 2 times".


Oh wooooow, those gifs in your sidebar... is that you?


^Relevant to the max.


Didn't like 2.0! I love THIS design. It's looking like Design by Humans, full of 'stalking status' and shit. Threadless please don't change!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

Love that I can see recent comments now :)

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