• by kuzco89
  • posted Aug 09, 2012

Watch this

THANKS. Can u elaborate a bit more when u say "details"...

and sure thing. ima go check yours right now :)

oded shein

I think it's a really cool idea. I would maybe lower the oil barrels to the bottom of the shirt and have more oil dripping towards it, so the scale of the design is bigger if that makes sense?

And maybe (and this is me just thinking out loud, might not work) is duplicate the gun and have both designs pointing down diagonally and the oil is dripping from the two nossels towards the barrels at the bottom?

I do think it has great potential!

I would love if you check out mine and give feedback?: http://www.threadless.com/critique/106986/Yumminess


Wow! Brilliant! I think it could work with out the oil barrels. I'd wear it


Oh, and black in on charcoal would be cool option.


I really like this design! But I agree... More Detail! This would be things like white lines, adding definition where ever you can. Like in the smoke plumes for instance. Also the distinct detail in the magazine clip that everyone can recognize. Good work, keep it up!


I agree with the suggestions thus far. I personally hate white t-shirts so I'm a bit biased in that aspect, but I think charcoal or fatigue would work well. Also, the oil barrels probably are the best indication that the drips are oil, but maybe replace them with an oil puddle the seeps further to the left?


thank u :) gladly accept all your comments...

will work on it and post my latest version ASAP...

Again, THANK U

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