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I and U look so cute together.rnrnComments and/or feedback would be appreciated. :)


I really like this design! It is so fun and cute! The only thing I see is that they don't have any hands. Good Design!!!


Fixed the arms up a bit.


I'm thinking of calling this "U-and-I-ted".


Awesome! Looks great! Have you thought about offering it on a few different colors of shirts? I'm sure it would look good on more... Nice work!


just don't let an O sneak in between them that just ruins the relationship.

This is adorable. I definityly think you should try it with a few other colours as well,


I'm not sure how it looks like with the different colors, but I'm aiming a bit more towards the dark blue one. How about you all?


Cute! The eyes and mouths look very rigid in placement. Maybe you could try messing around with the white in the eyes a bit. Also, the heart seems a little funky being flat compared to the 'I' and 'U'...maybe their hands could make the heart? Just ideas. I do like it, though!


i like it... dont know if i love it though lol. Try a few other color combos


I think the blue tee version would be the best for this design. The idea is interesting, and I agree with megontopoftheworld, you could try to make their hands form an heart together, instead of placing a heart between them. :D


Alright, I made the hands join together to form a heart. :)


I feel like there should be a little more contrast between the dark and light shades of each color, or at least in the details on their faces. I have kind of a hard time reading that they're smiling, and it doesn't look like they're looking at each other either. I think a darker color to make it clearer that their pupils are facing each other would be a good move.


The main change here was increasing the contrast a bit more. I also decided to add some blushy cheeks on their faces. Should I keep those or drop them?


Nice concept! The blush is a good idea but is hard to spot. You could curve the arms a little to they look lose (the ones without the heart), maybe a little shadow on the ground? The heart is a good idea so I think it should be bigger and more light colored so one can easily see it.

Thanks for your comments on mine!!!


Hmm ... I think it looks a bit better. What do ya'll think? :)


Nice design, although it seems a bit big to me. I think I like version 4's placement better, but maybe that's just me?


Yeah, maybe a lighter color shirt would make the colors pop out more like white or a hazy yellow. just my opinion lol :P


What do you think about making the letters more round instead of this geometric rigid forms? The same for the legs/feet. It is my opinion, but I think it would fit better on the idea of the design.

By the way, could you take a look: Think with your head


I'm not sure how it would look with more round shapes but it is something I could try out.


The two major things I got here were to make the design smaller and make it a slightly lighter color. What do ya'll think of it now?


On the grey, it really brings down the happiness of the drawing; you know what I mean, man?

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