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Check out our highest quality tee yet! Exciting info from skaw

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 08, 2012

We take t-shirts very seriously. We’re proud to announce that we’ve made improvements to the blank tees we print on. When you order a Threadless tee, you can expect more durable fabric, improved construction, and better consistency in fit and quality. We know this because you’ve told us. We've been using customer surveys to track our product quality, and over the past couple of months we’ve seen improvements.

And better quality is just the beginning of how we are improving our product.

Over the next few months you'll begin to see our new Threadless custom t-shirt. We spent weeks researching a soft and comfy fabric that’ll keep its shape through hundreds of washes. Then, we spent months in fitting, making sure each spec fit well, looked good, and would stay that way through the life of the tee. We researched manufacturers to find the ones that produce the best product and have the highest standards of excellence. We set up a Quality Assurance service to inspect our products as they're being produced to ensure our standards are being met consistently.

Then, we road tested the tee in the real world, making additional enhancements based on feedback. We even wore, washed, and re-wore the tees ourselves to see how they held up. We also integrated subtle Threadless branding like cyan back neck tape. This makes the tee our own, but doesn’t take away from what’s most important: the awesome Threadless design.

You're gonna love it!

Thanks & Never Stop Making,
Jake Nickell, @skaw
Founder & Chief Community Officer

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yay quality control!


Glad to here this! I have not bought from Threadless yet, due to the quality complaints I have read on the forums. And considering the shipping price..which is average for online shopping in general-but higher than what I pay from other Tee shirt specific sites- I want a good quality shirt. And I"ve had some bad luck recently with other tee sites, so a good fitting tee in a great design is just what I need. And I love a lot of Threadless designs!


When will these new shirts be available?

Cheryl Tay

Will orders placed from September 28 onwards be printed on these new T-shirts you speak of? Also, I hope Threadless will print more girly tees in XS. Women come in all shapes & sizes & some of us are petite enough to fit into XS

Cheryl Tay

Sorry, I entered my first comment prematurely. What I mean to say is, some of us are petite enough to fit into XS tees - & no, we're not flat-chested or stick-thin. Thanks in advance!


To my understanding, the designs that show "Threadless Guys Tee" or "Threadless Womens Tee" on the product page, are the designs being printed on the new shirts. It will take a long time before all shirts are printed on the new tee.


Yep, I can confirm that.

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