Dia de los Muertopus

  • by gmc9987
  • posted Aug 06, 2012

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I've been working on this design for a few days now, and wanted some feedback from more experienced submitters before hitting the submit button. Currently the design has 7 colors + the red of the shirt, I am looking at ways to further reduce the number of colors.


love it, maybe articulate the front most tentacles, down so they can you can see the full detail of the skull like it looks really good so you want to show off all the detail in the skull.


Thanks, narrowland. I should be posting a new version tomorrow with slightly modified colors, I'll take that into consideration as I'm working.


Hell yeah, dia de los muertopus! It reminds me of this awesome lucky cat shirt I used to own in the same colors, would love to have something like that again.


I've played around with the colors and tweaked them a bit, and also made sure that I ended up with 8 colors.


Also sorry you're not a fan, Angelo Sackson. How exactly would you make the concept of this shirt stronger, if you don't mind?


Very nice design. I d prefer to see it bigger though and on a different color tee. i think red is too much.but i like it a lot!good idea.ah and also..when submitting it..u should put it on a photoshop tee, it really helps u to rightfully present ur design.Congrats! Could you score my design please?


I think if you replaced all the black with the base color of the shirt, it would work much better.


Khavall and Sensimica, I took some of your advice to heart and am trying this out on some different colors. I'm not sure how I feel about the removal of the lines, I really loved it initially but after a few hours I'm kind of undecided. Also, I feel the blue shirt works better from a color perspective, but it doesn't really say "day of the dead" anymore. What does everyone else think?


Also I'm working on a submission image with the photoshop model as mentioned above, but not for this comparative view :\


I like the shading on the image and I think the detail works great. I also like the visual pun as well.

Let me know what you think about this design: Together


I decided to focus on the red version, since that color makes the design seem more "Day of the Dead" and less "Octopus in the Ocean." I've tweaked the colors in the octopus itself to stand out more with the read and create a better color balance for the overall image. What do you all think?

Seventh Seal Designs

Image looks great! my only beef is the angle of the image doesnt match up to the tee. just make sure on the final one that its easy to see the exact placement of the pic and you're onto a winner there ;)


OK, so I altered the angle of the t-shirt octopod a bit to make it look more realistic, and fixed a couple of little tiny details in the linework that were bugging me but probably aren't that apparent.


Good design, but I can't see how the design really looks on a t-shirt because the angle is weird,.

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