Photoshop Designing Video Guides

Here you'll find short tutorial clips for designers of all skill levels, from the beginner to the expert.

I've kept them short, so that it isn't too much of a commitment to watch one. It also keeps the content in each video to a manageable level.

Do check back for more videos.

Brand new to Photoshop? These short clips will get you up to speed with the basics of how the program works.

-Essential Tools
-Setting Up Your Tablet

First Designs
If you're more comfortable with Photoshop, check out these videos to learn new tricks.

-Layer Theory
-Layer Effects

Think of yourself as a Photoshop expert? Maybe even you will learn something new in this series of videos.


For all of my videos, check out my Youtube and Vimeo profiles.

If a video isn't listed here that you'd be interested in, just let me know in the comments below. Also, check out the Unofficial Threadless Guide for more essential tips and tricks!

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jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

pardon my speech error when im like "then click window and going down to..."

i need to replace that

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

hey thanks!

there's a new video! but it won't be viewable for like 40minutes because vimeo wants me to pay for instant viewing

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

also i recorded this one approximately fifty gazillion times, as 5 minutes of speaking allows for many mistakes.

ah well, i am learning!


When are your next videos? Very helpful! It would be great if you did the whole unofficial threadless guide in video format!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

yo Kartoon! I really want to put more time into this, but I've got so many jobs and projects going on right now there just hasn't been any time. I'm sure in the future there will be updates to this, but for now I'm just really glad you enjoy what I've got so far. It's comments like these that keep me motivated :)


your tutorials was very helpful, looking forward to getting some of my design printed by threadless. thanks Jellyes, you are the best.

gasponce profile pic Alumni

Hey! very nice unofficial guide, but are these guidelines still vakid ? Because I think the templates and sizes have changed and I find that a bit confusing :( I'm very new at all of this and it gets a little frustrating to find information on the technical parts of a submission. Thanks for sharing your experiences though!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I think the sizes have changed, now. I should update/remove these...

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