I love Threadless... but neighbourhoodies.com have no love to share.

Threadless. Such a wonderfully simple concept. The sort of money making venture the web was designed for. It's super neat.

... but don't go to neighbourhoodies.com. They are evil. They speak of love and even have a 'Love Captain', but they don't know what love is. Love is getting some cool little stickers with your t-shirts that you didn't expect (the "I park like an idiot" sticker has proved very useful).

Taking money from people and giving a rats ass whether they receive their purchase is not neat or loving. It's crap. And that's what they do. It's like having a realtionship with someone who is cheating on you. Sure, they tell you they love you, but now I know that they won't respect me in the morning. God... I feel so used.


There's plenty of other places to share your love and I can't think of a better place to start than right here. BIG HUGS to all you nude no more people.

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twniehaus profile pic Alumni

and theyre expensive. hoodies run you 50+.

d3d profile pic Alumni

conversely, had you never mentioned them i wouldn't have known they existed. any publicity is good publicity.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

neighbourhoodies is so expensive. i could make those at home.

threadless > neighbourhoodies > poo

azrielen profile pic Alumni

that should be threadless > poo > neighborhoodies

that said, I think I'm having them make me a shirt since I like right down the street from their shop. hahaha. where else can I get a shirt that says "omgstfu steve!!1" in big cute letters?


I thought my neighbourhoodies hoodie was the bomb until a mate at the pub said that the little old lady at the local embroidery shop could have done it better for cheaper.

And here's me thinking how cool I am ordering from half a world away?

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

azrielen, at 9:45am on Sep 15, 2005
that should be threadless > poo > neighborhoodies

^i stand corrected...poo is better than neighborhoodies


sclobbie, I'm still nude. hahahahaah ewwwwww. ickyyyyyyy. yuuckkkyyyyyy. barffffffforamaaaaaaa


I have made 3 neighborhoodies and I have never had bad luck, they sent me candy in a bag with my purchases. plus i get what I want exactly


candy from strangers?


oooooh candy! me likey candyyyy.
Gimme some, please?????

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